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Publication date:
16 September 2023

The Editorial Board / Borisov Vadim Vladimirovich

Vadim Borisov is a senior researcher at the Research Center of the Army Air Defense Military Academy of the Russian Armed Forces n.a. A.M.Vasilevsky, the Marshall of the Soviet Union. He is also a President of the Russian Association for Artificial Intelligence.


Vadim Vladimirovich Borisov was born in 1962, graduated from MPEI branch in Smolensk in 1986 with a degree in Electronic Computing Equipment Design and Production.  

1991 – defense of a thesis for Ph.D. in Engineering;

1997 – defense of a thesis for the Doctor degree in Engineering at the MPEI specializing in “Elements and devices in computer engineering and control systems”;

Since 1998 Vadim Borisov is a senior researcher at the Research Center of the Army Air Defense Military Academy of the Russian Armed Forces n.a. A.M.Vasilevsky.

Since 2000 he is a Professor of the Computer Engineering Department of the MPEI branch in Smolensk.

Since 2020 he is the President of the Russian Association for Artificial Intelligence.

The scientific and teaching experience is 34 years including 25 years of teaching experience.

Based on the RSCI data, Borisov Mr. the is in the TOP-100 cited Russian authors on the topics “Automation. Computing Engineering” and «Cybernetics”.


  • intellectual decision making support;
  • fuzzy systems and soft computing;
  • intellectual analysis,
  • modeling, monitoring and forecasting the state of complex systems and processes;
  • associative systems for storing and processing information.

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