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16 March 2021

Journal articles №1 2013

21. A method for classification of objects based on a modified analytic hierarchy [№1 за 2013 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; ( - ;
Abstract: We are going to investigate the problem of the multi-criteria decision-making under conditions of undetermined information. A method of classifying and ranking objects using a modified method of analytic hierarchy process, which is based on the method of comparing objects of alternatives based on the theory of possibility and Dempster's rule, which allows to select alternatives under incomplete, inaccurate and uncertain expert's information was proposed. The proposed approach avoids the construction of a complete matrix of pairwise comparisons of alternatives required for the application of the classical method of analytic hierarchy process and most of its modifications, by adding the frame of differences as a basis for comparison of alternatives. In addition we proposed a method of ranking alternatives, based on the theory of possibilities. The proposed methods are illustrated on the example of estimation models alliances between banks and insurance companies.
Keywords: dempster rule, possibility theory, decision making, the method of hierarchies analysis
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22. A method of constructing an aggregate adaptive caching algorithm [№1 за 2013 год]
Authors: ( - ; () - ; ( - , Ph.D;
Abstract: The paper is focused on the problem of data caching in the client-server architecture. Today the problem of constructing caching algorithms is very relevant and a lot of implementations are proposed, but there is a field for further research. The construction of adaptive caching algorithms is especially important. In this paper we generalize adaptive algorithms by adding a control parameter in an aggregate model of the caching algorithm that is responsible for the degree of influence of aggregation algorithms.
Keywords: the cache memory, convolution, aggregation, caching, client-server architecture
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23. An algorithm of complex power system optimization with the use of generalized similarity criteria [№1 за 2013 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; ( - ;
Abstract: In this article we propose an algorithm of power system optimization using criteria-based programming. This method is based on the theory of similarity, criteria-based analysis and geometric programming. It makes possible to optimize the efficiency function (consists of arbitrary polynomials with the degree of complexity more than one) with the limitations in the form of equations and inequalities. These advantages allow to optimize the power system modes by different characteristics (voltage, active and reactive power, power loss) with the account of all electrical laws. This method of the criteria-based programming was used for optimization of reactive power flows in the 110 kV power system of «IDGC of Center» – «Smolenskenergo» to reduce active power losses and for optimization of complex heterogeneous 110/330 kV power system.
Keywords: technical and economic problems, power losses, power systems, criteria-based programming, optimisation
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24. Automatic means of operating system of communications-electronics equipment technical diagnosis [№1 за 2013 год]
Authors: S.V. Ignatev ( - Yaroslavl Higher Military College of Air Defense (Professor), Ph.D; V.B. Tikhonov () - Yaroslavl Higher Military College of Air Defense (Associate Professor); Begletsov A.A. () - Military Representativ Office of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation;
Abstract: The promptitude of communications-electronics equipment recovery (CEE) in the case of its failure depends on efficiency of technical diagnosis system (TDS) functioning, the main task of it is searching of the place and the reason of failure (fault isolation). Complicated CEE operational experience shows that existing TDS does not provide requested time for fault isolation. One of the reasons for this is the lack of operating staff qualification. Considering that training of specialists in technical maintenance almost does not upgrade and can even worsen due to military education reforming, another problem solving approach is needed. An obvious way to improve TDS is to create an automated technical diagnosis control system. And it requires to formalize the process of communications-electronics equipment fault isolation. In this article, based on the analysis of fault isolation process of analog and digital communications-electronics equipment, conceptual provisions defining the fault isolation principle are received. Considering these provisions, structural-functional model that allows to describe the CEE fault isolation process officially is developed. Based on the formal description, the automation of the technical diagnosis of the equipment system is possible.
Keywords: formal description of fault isolation process, structural- functional model of equipment, automation, fault isolation, technical diagnosis of communications-electronics equipment
Visitors: 9254

25. Automatic means of operating system of communications-electronics equipment current maintenance [№1 за 2013 год]
Authors: S.V. Ignatev ( - Yaroslavl Higher Military College of Air Defense (Professor), Ph.D; V.B. Tikhonov () - Yaroslavl Higher Military College of Air Defense (Associate Professor); Kordyukov R.Yu. ( - Main Department of scientific and research activities and technological support of the advanced technologies of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation, Ph.D; () - ;
Abstract: Communications-electronics equipment recovery (CEE) in the case of its failure implies solving of the following problems: 1) fault isolation (inoperative elements search); 2) replacement of inoperative elements with workable; 3) post-repair technical control of CEE. The solution of the first and the third problem is realized by the system of technical diagnosis, the second – the system of current maintenance. Due to standardization and building block concept, replace time of found inoperative standard elements (SER), as distinct from their search, almost does not depend on qualification of specialists and action making while replacing SER, cracked down by operating instructions. However, experience of operating a complex CEE shows that failure of one SER can be the reason of the other elements failures in the chain, and their random replacement can lead to «lay-up» of known good elements. In this regard, in the process of current maintenance of product, the task of recognition (determination) of failure mode in order to work-out the replacement procedure of inoperative SER. Existing classification of equipment failures is analyzed in the paper. Since this classification does not fully take into account the variety of failure signs, its expansion is suggested. Considering the proposed classification, the method of recognition of failure mode is developed. Based on this method, an identification model of communications-electronics equipment is designed, it allows to formally describe the failure mode recognition process and sequence replacing of inoperative elements while current maintenance. Based on formalized description, the automation of operating system of equipment current maintenance is possible.
Keywords: formal description of failure mode recognition process, identification model of equipment, automation, failure mode and sequential replacement of inoperative elements, current maintenance of communications-electronics equipment
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26. Сutting modes design automation for multipurpose machines [№1 за 2013 год]
Authors: ( - ; ( - ; ( - ; Serdyuk A.I. ( - Orenburg State University, Ph.D;
Abstract: Production efficiency increasing of modern multipurpose computer numerical control (CNC) equipment is considered in the article. The efficiency is achieved due to an automated choice of the cutting mode according to varying production figures. The method of formalized calculation and assessment of the cutting mode according to present efficiency criteria is worked out. The offered numerical schemes and software can generate various cutting modes and choose optimal one according to any given efficiency index. Simulating subsystem of the equipment operation that is able to find and reduce sudden standstills for every engineering procedure of a part construction. The subsystem can also analyse many engineering procedures to choose the best one according to given criteria of the equipment, for optimal cutting mode, nomenclature of cutting tools, planned operation period. The developed software can be useful for engineering to synthesize efficiently cutting modes according to current criteria of industrial planning as well as booking new multipurpose equipment.
Keywords: computer-aided design, criterion of effectiveness, the regimes of cutting, multipurpose machine tools, machine processing
Visitors: 7341

27. Program complex to predict of the solubility in supercritical fluids [№1 за 2013 год]
Authors: Menshutina N.V. ( - D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russian Federation, Ph.D; ( - , ; ( - , Ph.D;
Abstract: The article describes the program complex to predict of the solubility in supercritical fluids. Data analysis in chemistry and technology of supercritical fluids is allowed by program complex. To predict the solubility the methodology QSPR and molecular dynamics were used. For the first time ever in QSPR-model were included temperature and pressure of supercritical fluids. The program complex database stores information about solubility of five hundred chemical compounds in supercritical carbon dioxide (over twenty thousand data points). It is available to search compounds by CAS number and determine the spatial structure. The program complex can be a working tool for scientists working in the field of supercritical fluids.
Keywords: solubility in supercritical fluids, mathematical and computer modeling, qspr, software package
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28. Building of three-dimensional model in geoinformation system [№1 за 2013 год]
Author: Stepanova L.A. ( - (Tver State Technical University; ( - ;
Abstract: The article describes a method of building of a three-dimensional (3D) model of a medium size area with a transport hub in GIS «MAP2011». 3D model is a volumetric model, which can be built in GIS «Map2011» by using instruments that are based on different presentation of the values of elevation in cells. The matrix of elevations – three-dimensional raster map of an area – contains the information about district relief in the raster form with values of elevation in cells (absolute or relative elevation). TIN-model is constructed on the basis of the three dimensional description of objects. The volumetric model of acceptable quality has been constructed on the basis of multiple (13) raster elevation matrixes of the objects. Construction of a TIN-model required the use of vector maps. The article describes ways to combine use of various instruments, such as digital elevation model (DEM) in the form of an elevation matrix and digital model of engineering objects in the form of a TIN-model.
Keywords: library of three-dimensional kind of objects, the matrix of heights, tin-model, raster data model, vector data model
Visitors: 10342

29. Creation of databases of meteorological information in the closed control system «Nature–Technogenic» [№1 за 2013 год]
Authors: ( - ; Do Xuan Cho ( - St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI"; R.I. Solnitsev ( - St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" (Professor), Ph.D;
Abstract: Environmental pollution caused by industrial wastes leads to contaminated precipitation, accumulation of pollutants in soils, ground and surface waters, plants, penetration of harmful substances into the human body and animals. Therefore, the problem of minimizing the amount of pollutants (PS) is relevant. In recent years, significant efforts to create reliable means of control and prevention environment pollution have been made, e.g. Best Available Technical, Critical load, Precautionary principle, «Polluter pays» principle, Sustainable development (ISO 14004-98 EC regulations). Numerous approaches to environment monitoring are followed by administrative authorities’ decisions. However, proposed and used pollutant compensation measures result in open system «Nature–Technogenic» which includes the human factor as an essential and crucial part of the control system. Those control systems of local treatment facilities solve these problems only partially. The article provides information about the development of tools and methods to reduce the level of pollutants in the atmosphere based on the closed control system «Nature–Technogenic» (CCS NT). The objectives and requirements for database (DB) in the CCS NT are set out. DB construction to support meteorological information is described. Further development of the theory and practice of closed control system «Nature–Technogenic» is presented. The basic approach of information support in the construction of CCS NT is given. The automation of the CCCS NT design is taken into consideration. The basic principles and the architecture of the meteorological information DB for CCS NT are introduced.
Keywords: database, meteorological support, the system of automatic control, pollutants, ecology
Visitors: 7813

30. Mathematical modelling of thermal processes in layered structures [№1 за 2013 год]
Author: () - ; ( - ; ( - ;
Abstract: One of the major factors promoting increase of efficiency of functioning of units of continuous molding of preparations, ensuring working capacity and optimum technological operating modes of the equipment is. For increase in service life of crystallizers now resort to certain technological modifications of their working walls. This improvement of quality of a surface of a crystallizer at the expense of use of special alloys or coverings on a surface of a copper wall. Physical and mathematical simulation of thermal process of system «metal melt–a coating–a crystallizer pan wall» at the moment of steel priming is in-process presented. The software product which use allows to track character of an establishment of a temperature field at a heatstroke at the moment of steel pouring is developed for mathematical modelling; to analyse a temperature field from time in a covering and a wall of a crystallizer and to define the maximum size of temperature. The results received during use of the software product, were used at a choice of optimum modes of a covering from nickel on an internal wall of a crystallizer for increase of wear resistance of the equipment without decrease in quality of finished goods.
Keywords: mathematical modelling, software product, a crystallizer pan wall, an inoculating coating, a tempering
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