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16 March 2021

Journal articles №1 2013

31. Modelling in sphere of management of pulse protection against explosion and a fire [№1 за 2013 год]
Author: ( - ;
Abstract: In the article of feature of potentially dangerous object are reflected. It is necessary to consider these features in models of object. The variant of supporting pulsed fire and explosion protection for chemical factory modelling was considered in the article. Modelling is made for pulse protection frames from explosion and a fire. It is new technology for which model and management methods to develop follows. Models offered in work are base. There were made conclusions according to practical implementation of the models and study’s perspectives.
Keywords: function, fire and explosion protection, pulse systems, mathematical model
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32. A method for choosing peers in peer-to-peer communications based on network topology [№1 за 2013 год]
Author: ( - ; ( - ;
Abstract: The article shows necessity of peering mechanims for transferring multimedia data between nodes of the global netwotk. It discusses the problems of choosing peers for transferring data streams in modern peer-to-peer networks. A new method is introduced which solves this problem using information about the topology of the global network. The article introduces an algorithm for hierarchical node clustering and new methods to use this information for building connections between the nodes of the peer network. Properties of the model of a computer network and peer network for simulation are described. The results of simulation of such peer network based on the proposed method and without it are shown. The data collected during the simulation confirm the efficiency and suitability of the proposed method.
Keywords: peer-to-peer networks, hierarchical grouping, network topology, Internet tv, global computer networks
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33. The software implementation of a module for hydraulic calculations of two-phase gas-liquid flows [№1 за 2013 год]
Authors: ( - ; ( - , Ph.D; Korelshteyn L.B. ( - NTP Truboprovod (Deputy Director), Ph.D; Gartman T.N. ( - D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russian Federation (Professor, Head of Chair), Ph.D;
Abstract: The article is dedicated to software implementation of the basic approaches in analyzing two-phase gas-liquid flows in pipelines [1, 2]. The paper examines the internal structure of the developed software module (main classes, their hierarchy and calculation algorithm). It is shown how the software architecture of the module provides flexibility and openness of the product. The integration with well-known Russian software systems «Hydrosystem» and «Safety Valve» (developed by «NTP Truboprovod», Moscow) is also described. This integration has enriched the list of features of these programs by the following two-phase flow calculations: automatic prediction of flow pattern, the (automatical) selection of methods for calculating flow patterns, volumetric gas content, friction losses, local losses, calculating boiling and condensation parameters using a phase transitions search algorithm, calculating heat exchange with the environment (including pipes with thermal insulation), the calculation of flow distribution (for complex network pipelines).
Keywords: emergency relief systems, gas-liquid flow, vapor-liquid flow, flow patterns, boiling, condensation, , oil and gas fields pipelines, heating and cooling systems pipelines, two-phase flow
Visitors: 8069

34. CUDA technology application for simulation of particles at parallel programming [№1 за 2013 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; ( - ;
Abstract: In article the method of simulation of the particles being in interaction, by means of technology of parallel programming of CUDA is considered. The definition оf interaction of particles is considered. The method of discrete elements is considered of the CUDA technology. In a method of discrete elements each particle l is represented as a body which has weight and center coordinates. Particles interact with each other and it is possible to observe system movement as a whole. The threadIdx variable is a three-component vector. Thus transparence is provided in work with such objects as the massif, a matrix or a volume grid is provided. Program realization is considered, the interface connecting all methods and algorithms together is considered.
Keywords: method of discrete elements, cuda technology, graphic processor, parallel programming
Visitors: 8013

35. Algorithms and technologies provide information safety in medical information system ExterNET [№1 за 2013 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; ( - ;
Abstract: The article describes the problems of information safety in medical information systems, in particular, taken up the basic concept, requirements and measuring classification, realizations which let to provide necessary level of security and safety of the information data and programs. One describes organizational, program – means maintenance of information safety in clinical practice in the medical information system ExterNET, developed by authors for organization automation medical – diagnostic processes and management of a medical institution. Working out safety system engineering carried out taking account safety features of medical information. Principles of worked out information safety policy in clinical information system providing desired level of information safety were de-scribed, in particular, information safety is provided with special software which is a subsystem of information in the continuity principle of perfection and the information safety system development. The second one is the complex usage principle of all arsenal with protective means in all structural elements of medical institutions, and also in all stages of information processing-work cycle. Interaction scheme of technical, organizational, and program components of the information safety subsystem and also algorithms of their functioning is presented.
Keywords: safety rules, standardization, electronic document, infosecurity, complex medical information systems, information systems
Visitors: 15241

36. The use of program product for the optimization of the expenses of the enterprise for the protection of labor of the personnel [№1 за 2013 год]
Authors: Razinkova O.P. ( - Tver State Technical University (Associate Professor), Ph.D; ( - ;
Abstract: The problems of application software products for optimizing the costs of industrial enterprises in the health and safety of personnel are considered in the article. In last years, despite an increase in the cost of health and safety and the ongoing safety measures, the number of traumatic incidents, occupational diseases are not reduced. It necessitates to find ways to reduce costs while improving the level of pro-tection of the personnel of the enterprise. For this it is necessary to take measures for design of such new workplaces on which safety measures violation is excluded. But, not less important, on operating production for decrease in expenses for labor protection to carry out certification of all workplaces for identification among them with harmful or dangerous working conditions. Realization of these and other measures for improvement of labor protection, safety measures and optimization of expenses and improvement of management by these processes is impossible without ensuring automation of documenting and data processing about traumatism cases, workplaces with harmful working conditions, etc. For the solution of this problem need of use of software product «Certification» for optimization of expenses of the enterprise on personnel labor protection is proved.
Keywords: occupational injuries, occupational safety and health, certification of employment, the information system of management of the personnel of the enterprise, management of the personnel of the enterprise
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37. Automatic system for quality estimation of online courses [№1 за 2013 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; () - ; () - ; () - ;
Abstract: The article is devoted to the description of a system for automatic testing of online courses. The system estimates the quality of the online course, starting with the detection of mistakes on slides screenshots, and gives recommendations on how to improve it. The quantitative estimate of the quality embraces the methodological, inclusive text's quality, and technological components of the online course. The system provides direct access to each slide, collects the data for the quantitative estimate of the quality and generates both intermediate and final protocols for the course testing. The quality estimate is built on the following data: the total number of slides, the amount of illustrations, interactive elements and simulations, the number and variety of questions, as well as the number of questions of each type, the number of grammatical mistakes in the text, the number of short sentences, the morphological analysis of the text, the number of abbreviations that were not explained in the text, and the number of special terms absent in the course glossary. The system is also capable of adding required terms to the glossary.
Keywords: system for automatic testing, exponent system, online course, quality, distance education
Visitors: 8757

38. Software tool of the reliability of information management systems analysis automation development [№1 за 2013 год]
Author: ( - ; ( - ; ( - ;
Abstract: The results of software automation reliability analysis of information management systems are present here. For the first time, universal interactive integrative approach, combining the benefits of the most effective methods of analysis of information management systems is presented. This approach is based on a modification of the progressive logic-probabilistic analysis of the reliability of information management systems by the method of constructing the functional integrity scheme, which allows to build models using non-monotonic bridge elements. Automation tool of the analysis of the reliability of information management systems developed by the authors allows us to construct a model of complex information management systems, such as satellite communication system, a distributed control system and is a good native alternative to the existing software.
Keywords: integration, automation, reliability analysis, functional integrity scheme, tree of malfunctions, flowchart, information management system
Visitors: 7152

39. The system of relay programming control seeking for dynamic objects [№1 за 2013 год]
Author: ( - ; Semenkin E.S. ( - Academician M.F. Reshetnev Siberian State Aerospace University;
Abstract: In the papera method of terminal control problem for dynamic systems with relay actuator solving is considered. Today, there is no general approach to solve the nonlinear dynamic systems control problem. Moreover, the specific type of control function and the fact that it is non-differentiable causes impossibility of using the classic techniques. The proposed approach is based on the reduction of terminal control problem to the extreme problem on the spaces of real variables and integers. For the reduced problem the modified hybrid evolutionary strategies algorithm has been designed. The new problem definition and the proposed algorithm were the basis for the designing general system of programming control for nonlinear dynamic systems seeking in the form of ideal or multilevel relay. The approbation of the investigated technique for satellite on the geostationary orbit control problem is considered.
Keywords: relay, terminal control, control management, dynamic system modeling, evolution strategies
Visitors: 7777

40. Principles and software tools for visualization and analysis public contracts data in science and technology [№1 за 2013 год]
Author: ( - ; ( - ; ( - ; ( - ;
Abstract: This article tells us about chosen principle for analysis accumulated information about implementation of the activities of the federal programs in science and technology in order to identify and statistically processes «coherence» logical facts of public contracts information objects. The article describes the basic functionality of the developed information system for analysis coherence of public contracts complexity-structured data. A description of bidirectional graphs using is shown for visualization and visual analysis state orders data. Used algorithms of graph theory and auxiliary software (libraries) for the construction, visualization and analysis of graph lists. Examples of the system settings screen forms, examples of visualization and analysis test data of government contracts on the graph are shown.
Keywords: state contract, state orders, federal program, graph theory algorithms, bidirectional graphs, visualization tools, complex-structured text data
Visitors: 8427

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