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Publication date:
16 June 2019

Keyword: machine learning

  1. Segmentation of regions of interest based on isolines classification
  2. Authors: Сенюкова О.В., Галанин В.Е.

  3. Transductive learning logistic regression for the text classification problem
  4. Authors: Фальк В.Н., Бочаров И.А., Шаграев А.Г.

  5. A software package for inductive formation of medical knowledge bases
  6. Authors: Смагин С.В.

  7. Modeling of placing service-oriented applications in a software-defined infrastructure of the virtual data center
  8. Authors: Решетников В.Н., Болодурина И.П., Парфёнов Д.И.

  9. Automatic text classification methods
  10. Authors: Батура Т.В.

  11. Parallel computing when implementing web-based pattern recognition tools based on use case methods
  12. Authors: Фомин В.В., Александров И.В.

  13. Anaphor resolution system development based on machine learning methods
  14. Authors: Батура Т.В., Соколов А.В.

  15. A method for improving interpretability of regression models based on a three-step building cognition model
  16. Authors: Куликовских И.М.

  17. Development of a simulation model for hydroelectric set process values for training operation staff
  18. Authors: Никулина А.В., Зеленко Л.С.

  19. Anomaly prediction in tensioning devices operation of a color coating line of metal under conditions of small number of failures
  20. Authors: Варфоломеев И.А., Ершов Е.В., Шаханов Н.И., Юдина О.В.

  21. On the implementation of machine learning tools in real-time intelligent systems
  22. Authors: Еремеев А.П., Кожухов А.А., Голенков В.В., Гулякина Н.А.

  23. Research on compression of raster images using artificial neural networks
  24. Authors: Генов А.А., Осипов В.В., Русаков К.Д., Моисеев А.А.

  25. A neural network method for detecting malicious programs on the Android platform
  26. Authors: Татарникова Т.М., Журавлев А.М.

  27. A constructive learning method for artificial neural networks with weighted rates
  28. Authors: Казаков М.А.