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Publication date:
16 September 2020

Ilin V.А.

Ph.D (
St. Petersburg Branch of the R&D Institute Centerprogramsystem
Author in:
  1. Methods analisis of functional models
  2. Co-authors: Янча С.П.
  3. Combat operations modeling in operational-tactical and tactical simulators
  4. Tactical simulator complexes for naval combat training
  5. Co-authors: Sokolov S.N., Pakhomov E.S., Shuvanov А.D.
  6. Some technological aspects of creating educational training equipment for Navy commanding officers and specialists
  7. Co-authors: Andreev V.Yu., Bazlov A.F., Shuvanov А.D.
  8. Electronic forms for computer simulators
  9. Co-authors: A.V. Vus