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The two-year impact factor of the RSCI, taking into account citations from all
sources: 0,932
5-year impact factor of the RSCI: 0,455
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The total number of citations of the journal in the RSCI: 10613
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Herfindahl Index by author organizations: 255
10-year Hirsch Index: 20
Place in the overall SCIENCE INDEX ranking: 166
Place in the SCIENCE INDEX ranking on the topic "Automation. Computer technology": 5

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Publication date:
25 September 2022

Konovalov A.V.

Ph.D (
Institute of Engineering Science of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Author in:
  1. Agent paradigme for capp of short pieces forging
  2. Co-authors: Гагарин П.Ю., Шалягин С.Д.
  3. The multiagent graphic editor of forging CAD-CAM
  4. Co-authors: Muizemnek O.Yu., Гагарин П.Ю.
  5. Design paradigm and interface in hybrid forgings Cad
  6. Co-authors: Arzamastsev S.V., Гагарин П.Ю.
  7. Efficiency of LU-decomposition algorithm with two-dimensional cyclicmatrix distribution for parallel solution of elasto-plastic problem
  8. Co-authors: Partin A.S., Tolmachev A.V.
  9. Adjustment of the forging capd decision using the fuzzy set theory
  10. Co-authors: Kanyukov S.I.
  11. Control concept for a forging design process in CAD system
  12. Co-authors: Kanyukov S.I.
  13. A performance research of a number of iterative linear solvers within elastoplastic problem
  14. Co-authors: Partin A.S., Tolmachev A.V.
  15. A genetic algorithm for computer-aided design of preparatory forging transitions
  16. Co-authors: Kanyukov S.I.
  17. A genetic algorithm for designing main transitions in Capp of shaft forging
  18. Co-authors: Kanyukov S.I.
  19. The strategy of agent interaction in graphic editor of forging Capp
  20. Co-authors: Arzamastsev S.V., Muizemnek O.Yu.
  21. A concept of intersubjective response receiving to fuzzy queries to forging computer-aided process planning database
  22. Co-authors: Muizemnek O.Yu., Kanyukov S.I.
  23. Input language of a computer-aided system for shaft forging
  24. Co-authors: Muizemnek O.Yu., Kanyukov S.I.
  25. Lingware of computer-aided design system for a shaft press forging process
  26. Co-authors: Muizemnek O.Yu., D.V. Kurennov, Partin A.S., Kanyukov S.I.