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Publication date:
16 March 2021

A.P. Afanasiev

Ph.D (
1 Institute for Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, IITP RAS, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Author in:
  1. An analytical performance model for distributed computing systems
  2. Co-authors: Посыпкин М.А., Хританков А.С.
  3. The optimal control software environment for a nonlinear system class via quadratic criteria
  4. Co-authors: I.I. Emelyanova, S.M. Dzyuba
  5. Generalized periodic motions of dynamical and non-autonomous periodic systems
  6. Co-authors: I.I. Emelyanova, S.M. Dzyuba
  7. Optimal feedback control for one class of nonlinear systems via quadratic criterion
  8. Co-authors: I.I. Emelyanova, S.M. Dzyuba, A.N. Pchelintsev