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(Information on the results of 2020)
2-year impact factor of the RSCI: 0,493
2-year impact factor of the RSCI without self-citation: 0,425
The two-year impact factor of the RSCI, taking into account citations from all
sources: 0,932
5-year impact factor of the RSCI: 0,455
5-year impact factor of the RSCI without self-citation: 0,414
The total number of citations of the journal in the RSCI: 10613
Herfindahl's five-year index of quoting journals: 165
Herfindahl Index by author organizations: 255
10-year Hirsch Index: 20
Place in the overall SCIENCE INDEX ranking: 166
Place in the SCIENCE INDEX ranking on the topic "Automation. Computer technology": 5

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Publication date:
25 June 2022

Balametov A.B.

Ph.D (
Professor, Head of a Scientific Direction
Azerbaijan Scientific-Research and Design-Prospecting Power Engineering Institute, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University
Author in:
  1. About the program of electric power losses calculation in radial electric mains
  2. Co-authors: Khalilov E.D.
  3. On power tracing distribution in electric networks
  4. Co-authors: Khalilov E.D., Isaeva T.M., Isgenderov F.G.
  5. A program of modeling wire temperature and power losses based on operation and atmospheric factors
  6. Co-authors: Khalilov E.D., M.P. Bayramov, K.A. Agakhanova
  7. About software for planning measures to reduce power losses from current asymmetry in 0,4 kV networks
  8. Co-authors: A.K. Salimova , N.I. Gadzhiev , A.B. Balametov