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17 March 2024

Journal articles №1 2012

21. Intellectual system of control and monitoring of the gas boiler-house [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: О.А. Belousov ( ) - Tambov State Technical University (Associate Professor), Ph.D; ( - ;
Abstract: The problem of intellectual control and monitoring by thermal devices is considered, the algorithm of control and monitoring of a gas boiler-house in real time on the basis of a neural network and the fuzzy logic is developed.
Keywords: a control system, thermal process, a gas boiler-house, control of a boiler, information technologies, automatic regulate, neural network, fuzzy logic
Visitors: 18299

22. Systems technological processes control in multiproduct manufactures [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: Burdo G.B. ( - Tver State Technical University, Ph.D; Semenov N.A. ( - Tver State Technical University, Ph.D; Isaev A.A. ( - Tver State Technical University, ;
Abstract: The paper describes the results of research function, structure and models automated control system with the elements of artificial intelligence for technological processes in single-part and smale-scale production.
Keywords: system analysis, artificial intelligence, automated design system for technological processes
Visitors: 13325

23. Construction of corporate network of metallurgical enterprise [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: Yu.M. Lisetskiy ( - S&T Ukraine Company (Director General), Ph.D;
Abstract: Presented the construction of a corporate backbone multiservice network of metallurgical enterprise. Formulated a set of requirements for modern corporate backbones, the corresponding infrastructure and functionality of the systems, given the sequence of problems solved in the course of their integration. Experience of realization of project.
Keywords: universalization and standartization, heterogeneous structure, territorial distributed systems, multyservice network, management of resources
Visitors: 10468

24. The innovative approach to program-tool means structure definition for business processes at the indus-trial enterprise [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; ( - ;
Abstract: In article is presented the innovative approach to creation of uniform program decisions structure for increase efficiency functioning at the industrial enterprise. Working out of definition optimum program-tool means structure model has allowed to receive a gain of technical-economic, organizational and financial indicators of functioning at the industrial enterprise.
Keywords: the innovative approach, the industrial enterprise, efficiency of business processes, information technologies
Visitors: 7400

25. Modeling of warehousing: development and integration in Orlando Tools [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: Basharina O.Yu. ( - Irkutsk state university, Ph.D; ( - , Ph.D;
Abstract: This article is dedicated to the questions of modeling of the modern logistic warehouses on base of multivariant experiments in the parallel computing system. The package of modeling is developed in toolkit Orlando Tools. The object-oriented control system of the knowledge base of Orlando Tools provides complexation by data for all packages of applied programs developed on base of this toolkit.
Keywords: parallel computing, modeling, warehouse logistics
Visitors: 11721

26. The construction principle of the computer-aided design system of hydraulic machines and apparatus [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; ( - ; ( - ;
Abstract: Principles of construction of computer-aided design system, which provide complex solution of all problems creation of new machines and apparatus.
Keywords: complex solution of all problems, computer-aided design system, hydraulic machines and apparatus
Visitors: 9917

27. Universal software system for monitoring of technological processes [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: Kalabin, A.L. ( - Tver State Technical University, Ph.D; Kozlov A.V. ( - Tver State Technical University, ; Pakshver E.A. ( - Holding Company “Kompozit”, Ph.D;
Abstract: In the article authors describe the architecture of the software system for monitoring of various technological processes. Software system includes three modules: module for creating schemas of different processes, module for storing and editing data, module that contain different tools for processing and analyzing data. The software was tested using data from the process of polyacrylonitrile production. In the article researchers give some examples of the analysis of the dependences between parameters and offer some advises according to the analysis.
Keywords: structure of manufacturing process, software architecture, manufacturing process, the automated information system, control management
Visitors: 15070

28. Model of formation of adaptive learning environment and evaluation of its effectiveness [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: ( - ; ( - , Ph.D;
Abstract: This paper considers a model of adaptation of presentation of material in the system of an electronic support in the learning process. We propose a system for creating interactive courses based on Internet technologies, taking into account the psycho-physiological characteristics of trainees.
Keywords: electronic adaptive learning systems, mathematical model, software architecture
Visitors: 16464

29. Technology of indicators modelling of scientific activity at creationinformation analytical system of high school [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: ( - ; ( - , Ph.D;
Abstract: Defining a questions of modeling of indexes of scientific activity of high school, the mathematical and structural models being used for the solution of a given task and also the architecture of program system and its implementation are under discussion in the article.
Keywords: , automation, human resources, scientific activity
Visitors: 8734

30. Processing techniques in computer perfomance evaluation of the educational process [№1 за 2012 год]
Authors: ( - , Ph.D; ( - ; ( - , Ph.D;
Abstract: In article processing methods in computer coefficient techniques of initial (entrance) and intermediate indicators for reception of target indicators of a rating estimation of educational process (estimated object) with the account of standard logic conditions are considered.
Keywords: the multiplier., the adder, changeable weight factor, educatioal process, computer coefficient a technique
Visitors: 5766

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