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13 September 2024

Journal articles №2 2017

21. Investigation of security of electronic payment systems [№2 за 2017 год]
Authors: T.A. Markina ( - ITMO University (Associate Professor), Ph.D; V.A. Khrupov ( - ITMO University (Student);
Abstract: The article investigates security of electronic payment systems. The relevance of this study is confirmed by the official statistics, which shows the increase of the number of crimes in the field of electronic payments year by year. Therefore, users of these systems need to be aware of the security of electronic payment systems, consequently, about the security of their money stored in these systems. The work considers a variety of electronic payment systems, analyzes the ways and methods of ensuring the security of electronic payment systems, identifies advantages and disadvantages of techniques and methods of electronic payment system protection, the criteria and sub-criteria for evaluation of electronic payment system security, and determines value security index in percentage terms for each sub-criteria. Based on the values of the indicators the authors assessed security of electronic payment systems and received an overall assessment for each electronic payment system. Based on the assessment, the paper shows some conclusions about the degree of security of an electronic payment system. This study demonstrates the assessment of security of the most popular electronic payment systems in the Russian Federation and CIS countries.
Keywords: : electronic payment systems, electronic payment, e-money, security, electronic payment systems, mobile service electronic payment system, no mobile service electronic payment systems, card payment system
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22. A software package to measure time of audio motor reaction of chemical technological process control system operators [№2 за 2017 год]
Authors: O.L. Akhremchik ( - Tver State Technical University (Associate Professor), Ph.D; I.I. Bazulev ( - Tver State Technical University;
Abstract: Time of the operator’s sensory-motor response is a basis for choosing models of information representation and the strategy of chemical and technological process control to minimize losses during human-computer interaction. Sound signal application for forming messages of abnormal and preventive alarms leads to the need of development of methods and monitoring aids of audio-motor response time. The paper considers the structure, functional characteristics and the main components of a software packege for measuring simple audio motor reaction time of a control system operator. According to the structural programming conception, Delphi means are selected to implement the complex. The paper describes screen forms types of the program complex and possible operator actions to use the forms. As complex set-up parameters it is offered to use a type of a sound signal; time interval defining the moment of signal appearance; a number of signal presentations. The different frequency tone signals are used as incentives for measurement. Databases of sound signals, operators and measurement results are filled and used during measurement. The software package might be applied to operate as a part of a control system of chemical and technological process. The package may be considered as a tool for indirect estimation of the status of the operator’s central nervous system. A basis of measurement results transfer to other program systems is saving results as *.cds and *.txt. The package approbation results show that the nature of influence of external factor set on operator’s audio motor reaction time has a multiplicative character.
Keywords: audio signal, time, operator, software package, reaction
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23. On modeling of electricity nodal prices [№2 за 2017 год]
Authors: Khalilov E.D. ( - Azerbaijan Scientific-Research and Design-Prospecting Power Engineering Institute (Head of Department), Ph.D;
Abstract: In terms of power supply system reforms in various countries, including Azerbaijan, there is a possibility of using renewable energy sources in the electrical network. Relevant studies began to trace the power of “green” power genera-tors and harmonic distortion sources. Electrical energy trading on the wholesale market uses market mechanisms, such as a day-ahead market, a balancing market, a market of regulated contracts, and free electricity sale and purchase agreements. As generating stations and other suppliers have variable cost of electricity, this fact leads to solving the relevant problem of determining nodal prices. Nodal prices show a electricity unit cost purchased in a node. Each node price includes such components as a marginal price of a balancing node, losses in transmission lines, power line price restrictions. Calculation of these components requires development of the appropriate software. The paper describes the developed algorithm for simulation of nodal prices. This algorithm is implemented as a program in MATLAB system to determine nodal prices in the electricity market. The software efficiency is tested at different test schemes. In particular, this article presents the results of nodal price calculations using the example of 7-node test scheme of electrical network.
Keywords: electricity market, nodal prices, modeling, algorithm, active power, fictitious nodes, fictitious branches, matlab
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