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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Keyword: mathematical model

  1. Models for production planning based on nanotechnology
  2. Authors: Мезенцев Ю.А., Авдеенко Т.В., Кравченко А.В.

  3. The software for simulation of thermal processes in the roll
  4. Authors: Ячиков И.М., Егорова Л.Г., Кухта Ю.Б.

  5. Fractal model of a forest fire
  6. Authors: Кудинов А.Н., Цветков В.П., Цветков И.В.

  7. Development numerical scheme of glass furnace
  8. Authors: Швыдкий В.С., Собянин С.Е.

  9. The algorithm of an operational administration for liquidation of emergency consequences and emergency situations on objects of destruction of chemical weapon
  10. Authors: Матвеев Ю.Н., Палюх Б.Н.

  11. Information сalculating systems for definition laser-radar characteristics of objects
  12. Authors: Хмаров И.М., Канивец В.Ю., Прохоров А.В., Прохоров В.А., Кондрашов Н.Г.

  13. Program implementation mathematical model of heart rate variability
  14. Authors: Романова Г.В.

  15. Mathematical model of the electrical contact of rough surfaces
  16. Authors: Левыкин Д.А.

  17. Human-machine interface organization with intellectualization of person and computer system interaction
  18. Authors: Минитаева А.М.

  19. The modified query processing model in distributed databases
  20. Authors: Тараканов О.В., Дунаев В.А.

  21. Software-hardware complex for research, designing and control of processing the plastics masses
  22. Authors: Равичев Л.В., Логинов В.Я., Беспалов А.В.

  23. Simulation of taxonomy program of parts production technology for mechanical-engineering using petri nets
  24. Authors: Шестаков А.М.

  25. A method and a software complex for researching extrusion process of fiber composites
  26. Authors: Залазинский А.Г., Крючков Д.И.

  27. Decision support system development when determining the level of an enviromental fine of an industrial enterprise
  28. Authors: Кисляков И.М.

  29. On the application of linear programming to enhance the survivability of technological processes automated control system
  30. Authors: Матвеев Ю.Н., Григорьев В.А., Стукалова Н.А.

  31. Creation of automated control system for unmanned spaceflights in near-earth space
  32. Authors: Арепин Ю.И., Доронкина А.Н.

  33. Use of the software for definition and forecasting of extruded production quality indicators
  34. Authors: Зубкова Т.М., Колобов А.Н.

  35. The concept of mathematical and computer simulation of thermal processes in electronic systems
  36. Authors: Мадера А.Г.

  37. A mathematical model of computer network antivirus protection
  38. Authors: Семыкина Н.А., Шавыкина И.В.

  39. A software complex for electronic system thermal design: requirements for architecture and functional possibilities of modeling
  40. Authors: Решетников В.Н., Мадера А.Г.

  41. A software suite to determine the parameters of three-phase alternating current electric arcs burning in a horizontal surface
  42. Authors: Ячиков И.М., Костылева Е.М.

  43. Mathematical models of rheograms of states in Table Curve 2d/3d programs as a basis of the intelligent system for managing structuring processes of multicomponent elastomer composites
  44. Authors: Кузнецов А.С., Корнюшко В.Ф.

  45. Software system for research a measurement error of a laser experimental roundness measurement instrument
  46. Authors: Заякин О.А., Белопухов В.Н., Манухин А.В., Ростов А.А.

  47. Modeling brain activity recognizing anagrammatically distorted words
  48. Authors: Усманов З.Д.

  49. An algorithm for ensuring the required level of stability of control of an unmanned aerial vehicle in the conditions of counteraction
  50. Authors: Белоножко Д.Г.

  51. An algorithm and software implementation of test object model synthesis based on the solution of the nonparametric identification equation
  52. Authors: Гусеница Я.Н., Мингачев Э.Р., Исхаков Н.У., Колоколов М.И.

  53. Russian import-substitution structure based on an optimal distribution system model
  54. Authors: Абу-Абед Ф.Н., Жиронкин С.А.