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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Keyword: geoinformation system

  1. Informational system of gis database interaction
  2. Authors: Чернецова Е.А.

  3. Features of creating a custom qualifier for situation display on the electronic map
  4. Authors: Войцеховский С.В., Девяткин А.М., Котенок А.А., Обухов А.В.

  5. Design principles for a converter that converts MS DOS projects into MS Windows projects
  6. Authors: Зенков В.В.

  7. Geocoding sites in Quantum Gis with the help of Yandex databases
  8. Authors: Степанова Л.А., Зайцева Е.Н.

  9. Imitation modeling for aerospace confrontation
  10. Authors: Смирнов А.А., Богданов О.А., Ковалев Д.В.

  11. Forest fire simulation using an agent-based model
  12. Authors: Яровой С.В.

  13. Model of evaluating time characteristics of solving a problem in a ship geoinformation system
  14. Authors: Татарникова Т.М., Смирнов П.И., Яготинцева Н.В.

  15. Transport infrastructure model creation based on spatial and spectral aerospace information
  16. Authors: Федосеев А.А., Михеева Т.И., Михеев С.В.

  17. System of geodynamic 3D-visualization of virtual tourist routes
  18. Authors: Головнин О.К., Кутовой Н.Н.

  19. A translator of a tactical task to a Petri net for a group of unmanned ground vehicles
  20. Authors: Тачков А.А., Козов А.В., Панков С.Е.

  21. Problem solving experience in data visualization using ArcGIS software
  22. Authors: Аль-Дамлахи Июссеф

  23. Ensuring spatial information completeness, relevance and security in distributed computing systems of large organizations
  24. Authors: Христодуло О.И., Павлов С.В., Трубин В.Д.