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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: distributed computing

  1. An analytical performance model for distributed computing systems
  2. Authors: Афанасьев А.П., Посыпкин М.А., Хританков А.С.

  3. Solving global optimization problems in a distributed computing environment
  4. Authors: Посыпкин М.А.

  5. Development and application of the distributed softfare packages
  6. Authors: Опарин Г.А., Феоктистов А.Г., Сидоров И.А.

  7. Basic design of training systems for difficult technical complexes
  8. Authors: Решетников В.Н., Мамросенко К.А.

  9. GridNNN information system
  10. Authors: Крюков А.П., Шамардин Л.В., Патрикеев Д.О.

  11. Integrated toolkit for organization of the problem-oriented distributed computing
  12. Authors: Опарин Г.А., Феоктистов А.Г., Новопашин А.П.

  13. Visual programming environment for parallel software development of image and signal processing
  14. Authors: Герценбергер К.В., Дюмин А.А., Сорокоумов П.С.

  15. A distributed platform for parallel training of DisANN artificial neural networksA distributed platform for parallel training of disann artificial neural networks
  16. Authors: Нгуен Занг, Краснощеков А.А.

  17. The regulatory base to design aerospace training systems
  18. Authors: Мамросенко К.А.

  19. “Parallel Matlab” cloud service
  20. Authors: Грибова В.В., Созыкин А.В., Гольдштейн М.Л., Москаленко Ф.М.

  21. Software module for automated calculation parameters for on-board electronic protection screens radiation protection equipment
  22. Authors: Зинченко Л.А., Казаков В.В., Миронов А.А., Дорофеев А.В., Кобылкин С.С.

  23. Developing universal framework design for federated learning
  24. Authors: Холод И.И., Ефремов М.А.

  25. An algorithm for using distributed computing resources based on the Edge computing principles
  26. Authors: Боганюк Ю.В., Воробьева М.С., Воробьев А.М.

  27. Using MPI library for parallel implementation of a brute-force algorithm
  28. Authors: Ай Мин Тайк, Лупин С.А., Федяшин Д.А.

  29. Synchronous distributed computing at continuous execution of blocks of a limited number of program resource copiess
  30. Authors: Павлов П.А., Коваленко Н.С.