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Publication date:
17 March 2024

Keyword: optimal control

  1. Parallel algorithms and programs for modelling of euler elasticae
  2. Authors: Сачков Ю.Л., Ардентов А.А.

  3. The information environment of designing of systems resource-saving managements of industrial targets
  4. Authors: Муромцев Д.Ю., Тюрин И.В., Белоусов О.А., Гребенников Р.В.

  5. Reconstruction of images via variational principle
  6. Authors: Сачков Ю.Л., Ардентов А.А., Касимов В.М., Маштаков А.П.

  7. Development of algorithm for optimum control of growth of a biomass of seaweeds
  8. Authors: Шилова Н.А.

  9. Parallel software package for nonholonomic control problems
  10. Authors: Маштаков А.П.

  11. Parallel software package for optimal development Of dynamic flow network
  12. Authors: Григоренко Н.Л., Жарков А.В., Пивоварчук Д.Г., Попова Н.Н.

  13. On the application of linear programming to enhance the survivability of technological processes automated control system
  14. Authors: Матвеев Ю.Н., Григорьев В.А., Стукалова Н.А.

  15. A mathematical model of computer network antivirus protection
  16. Authors: Семыкина Н.А., Шавыкина И.В.

  17. Architecture of an intelligent optimal control system for multi-stage processes evolution in a fuzzy dynamic environment
  18. Authors: Палюх Б.В., Ветров А.Н., Егерева И.А.

  19. A performance evaluation methodology for energy efficient control system alternatives for MIMO systems
  20. Authors: Муромцев Д.Ю., Тюрин И.В., Грибков А.Н., Шамкин В.Н.