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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Keyword: identification

  1. Entropy measures adaption in images identification criterions informativity estimation tasks
  2. Authors: Машкин А.В.

  3. Automatic system for vehicle detection and recognition in image
  4. Authors: Субботин С.А., Бойченко К.Ю.

  5. Automatic extraction of regular grids from rectified facade image
  6. Authors: Якубенко А.А., Мизин И.С., Конушин А.С.

  7. Semantic segmentation of laser scanning data
  8. Authors: Конушин А.С., Шаповалов Р.В., Велижев А.Б., Баринова О.В.

  9. The software packages applicability oriented on work with images to the x-ray analysis problem
  10. Authors: Сердюк А.И., Овечкин М.В.

  11. Software implementation of slabs automatic identification system
  12. Authors: Орлов А.А., Провоторов А.В.

  13. Development of algorithm of directed recognition considering information about relief by example of satellite imagery and Earth remote sensing data
  14. Authors: Овечкин М.В., Алтынбаев Р.Б., Гафуров А.С.

  15. Computing and research algorithm for ambiguity function of broadband coherent multifrequency probe signals used for portraits of range surveillance radars
  16. Authors: Талалаев А.Б., Бердышев В.П., Платонов А.Ю., Миронов А.М.

  17. Inflight spacecraft safety performance and generating information to prevent high-speed interaction
  18. Authors: Палюх Б.В., Катулев А.Н., Ягольников С.В., Храмичев А.А., Зыков И.И.

  19. Structuring and qualitative consideration of a audio stream in a speech synthesis and analysis system
  20. Authors: Балакирев Н.Е., Нгуен Х.З., Малков М.А., Фадеев М.М.