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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Keyword: a control system

  1. Principles of composition management systems heterogeneous broadband networks
  2. Authors: Иванов В.В.

  3. Intellectual system of control and monitoring of the gas boiler-house
  4. Authors: Белоусов О.А., Иванов С.В.

  5. Expert-modeling systems in the IT-infrastructure management
  6. Authors: Логинов И.В., Христенко Д.В.

  7. An approach to software testing management system development
  8. Authors: Корнюшко В.Ф., Костров А.В., Породникова П.А.

  9. A software complex for designing unburned monomeneral composites
  10. Authors: Петропавловская В.Б., Образцов И.В., Коровицын Д.А., Петропавловский К.С.

  11. Architecture and algorithms of the intellectual support system for household sector functioning control process
  12. Authors: Макарова Е.А., Валитов Р.Р., Закиева Е.Ш., Гиздатуллина Э.С.

  13. An enterprise management system
  14. Authors: Лисецкий Ю.М.

  15. Fuzzy logic algorithms in the control system of a hybrid reflector antenna beamformer
  16. Authors: Белоусов О.А., Рязанов Е.В., Колмыкова А.С., Дякин А.И.

  17. Information support of the development stage of solid dosage form composition
  18. Authors: Корнюшко В.Ф., Николаева О.М., Богунова И.В., Флид А.А., Гребенщиков А.А.

  19. A performance evaluation methodology for energy efficient control system alternatives for MIMO systems
  20. Authors: Муромцев Д.Ю., Тюрин И.В., Грибков А.Н., Шамкин В.Н.

  21. The method of fuzzy controllers automatic synthesis
  22. Authors: Игнатьев В.В., Соловьев В.В., Воротова А.А.

  23. The pedipulator control system development for anthropomorphic robot AR-601M
  24. Authors: Калабин А.Л., Тарачков М.В., Толстель О.В.

  25. The core design of an integrated information system
  26. Authors: Черныш Б.А., Картамышев А.С.

  27. Semiotic control system for a mobile robotic platform
  28. Authors: Сорокоумов П.С., Ровбо М.А.

  29. An algorithm for ensuring the required level of stability of control of an unmanned aerial vehicle in the conditions of counteraction
  30. Authors: Белоножко Д.Г.

  31. On the clarification of the principle of organizing software products quality control
  32. Authors: Тиханычев О.В.

  33. A GraphQL dynamic schema in integrated information system implementation
  34. Authors: Мурыгин А.В., Черныш Б.А.

  35. Integrated development of software and hardware components of the frequency converter filter for operating in power-limited ship networks
  36. Authors: Черный С.Г., Соболев А.С.