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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: ontology

  1. Authors: Попов Д.В.

  2. Authors: Артемьева И.Л., Рештаненко Н.В.

  3. Authors: Наместников А.М.

  4. Technology of development of scientific knowledge portals
  5. Authors: Загорулько Ю.А.

  6. Approach to automatic construction of hydrodynamic models
  7. Authors: Доровский С.В.

  8. Metadata of multimedia resources and ontologies
  9. Authors: Москвина А.С.

  10. Basic stages of training system development basic stages
  11. Authors: Трембач В.М.

  12. Using ontologies in ships operation tasks
  13. Authors: Козырев И.В.

  14. Construction and research of e-learning subject ontology
  15. Authors: Балашова И.Ю.

  16. Methods of automatic ontology construction
  17. Authors: Платонов А.В., Полещук Е.А.

  18. Using concept maps for rule-based knowledge bases engineering
  19. Authors: Юрин А.Ю., Дородных Н.О.

  20. Ontology design based on non-relational database for intelligent decision support system for medical purposes
  21. Authors: Еремеев А.П., Ивлиев С.А.

  22. Approaches to creating ontologies for automated systems in machine-building industries
  23. Authors: Семенов Н.А., Бурдо Г.Б., Воронцов Н.В.

  24. An ontological model of a product digital passport for the instrument-making industry
  25. Authors: Донецкая Ю.В., Ткачева Е.В., Токмаков А.А.

  26. Features of working with Russian-language ontologies using the Owlready2 library in Python
  27. Authors: Щукарев И.А.