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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Keyword: expert system

  1. Authors: Мусифулина С.Р.

  2. Identification of the technical condition on the basis of neural network models
  3. Authors: Нусс С.В.

  4. The information environment of designing of systems resource-saving managements of industrial targets
  5. Authors: Муромцев Д.Ю., Тюрин И.В., Белоусов О.А., Гребенников Р.В.

  6. Expert system for auditting information security
  7. Authors: Коробулина О.Ю., Иванова Н.В.

  8. Special software to improve the quality of expert operations results of r&d
  9. Authors: Сытник Д.А., Вакуленко А.А., Петров А.Н., Стрелец А.В.

  10. Fuzzy neural network system Of production dependences discovery in databases
  11. Authors: Катасёв А.С., Ахатова Ч.Ф.

  12. Integrating CLIPS with rule-based expert system
  13. Authors: Доровский С.В.

  14. Solution to the problems express diagnosis and prognosis of ARVI by means of fuzzy-logic expert system
  15. Authors: Усков А.А., Шипилов М.В., Иванов В.В

  16. Approach to automatic construction of hydrodynamic models
  17. Authors: Доровский С.В.

  18. Automated technology of expert system creation related to psychophysiological diagnostics
  19. Authors: Ермаков А.Е., Найденова К.А.

  20. The tool for expert systems automated creating
  21. Authors: Ермаков А.Е., Найденова К.А.

  22. The interpreter of descriptions of expert systems for psychological and physiological diagnostics
  23. Authors: Ермаков А.Е., Найденова К.А.

  24. Software for representation and transformation of discrete knowledge structures
  25. Authors: Субботин С.А.

  26. Software system for disease diagnosis by chromatogram of blood serum sample
  27. Authors: Барам Е.Г.

  28. Expert system for monitoring of technological processes
  29. Authors: Калабин А.Л., Пакшвер Э.А., Козлов А.В., Буров А.Н.

  30. Automation of student knowledge assessment in the ECOLE elearning system
  31. Authors: Муромцев Д.И., Козлов Ф.А.

  32. Software of information technology for solving conflict situations in multi-agent environment
  33. Authors: Семенов Н.А., Клюшин А.Ю., Мутовкина Н.Ю.

  34. On some problems in the decision support domain
  35. Authors: Тиханычев О.В.

  36. Improving logical inference speed of production expert systems using aspect-oriented approach
  37. Authors: Семенов Н.А., Гончаров А.А.

  38. Implementing an expert system to evaluate technical solutions innovativeness
  39. Authors: Палюх Б.В., Иванов В.К., Образцов И.В.

  40. Implementation of logical conclusion in the production expert system using Rete-network and relational database
  41. Authors: Массель Л.В., Ан Г.В., Пестерев Д.В.

  42. A model for the forming operational knowledge for an expert system for providing radioelectronic facilities with spare parts, tools and accessories
  43. Authors: Игнатьев С.В., Красников А.В., Осипов А.А., Шаталина Н.В.

  44. Developing an adaptive training system for an engineering discipline
  45. Authors: Тагирова Л.Ф.