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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Keyword: mathematical model

  1. Authors: Селезнев В.П.

  2. Authors: Белогуров С.Е.

  3. Authors: Кудинов А.Н., Михеев С.А., Цветков В.П., Цветков И.В.

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  5. Authors: Григорьев И.А.

  6. Authors: Карпов В.М.

  7. Authors: Александрова Л.А., Тумбинская М.В.

  8. Method of an estimation of probability of acceptance of erroneous decisions at the discriminant analysis of transport knots
  9. Authors: Пасевич В..

  10. Case frame deliveries of greases by vehicle
  11. Authors: Драпалюк М.В., Афоничев Д.Н.

  12. Methods analisis of functional models
  13. Authors: Ильин В.А., Янча С.П.

  14. Radio-electronic and electronic computing equipment components and blocks placement based on bionic methods
  15. Authors: Курейчик В.В., Бушин С.А.

  16. Model of multi-agent for prognostication the automated control systems
  17. Authors: Лихачев В.Е.

  18. Introduction computer technology in laboratory practical work
  19. Authors: Панюшкин Н.Н.

  20. Choice of the mathematical scheme at construction models of operations
  21. Authors: Глушков И.Н.

  22. Application of analytic hierarchy method for support decision making at drug choice
  23. Authors: Большаков А.Л., Бутенко Д.В.

  24. Automated construction of physical models based on linguistic descriptions of precedents
  25. Authors: Филатова Н.Н., Зинякин Р.С.

  26. Source code generator for real-time systems
  27. Authors: Нархов К.Г.

  28. Factor analysis in problems of simulation of multidimensional systems
  29. Authors: Пащенко Ф.Ф., Дургарян И.С., Голяк И.В.

  30. Task of definition of group of risk for homogeneous transport units
  31. Authors: Веслав Пасевич

  32. Model of optimal projects planning for microelectronic products creation
  33. Authors: Беляева Т.П., Затворницкий А.П.

  34. Maintenance service of complex training systems constructed on two-rank local area networks
  35. Authors: Хрястолов Ю.М.

  36. Multi-step identification method application in the development of mathematical models of socio-economic systems
  37. Authors: Пащенко Ф.Ф., Антипов В.И., Десятов И.В.

  38. Model of formation of adaptive learning environment and evaluation of its effectiveness
  39. Authors: Зайдуллина С.Г., Мигранов Н.Г.

  40. Selection and distribution of vehicles in the life cycle of motor transport enterprise
  41. Authors: Аникеев Е.А., Федоров Н.Ю., Черкасов О.Н.

  42. Techniques provided fof valnerabilities reduction in special real time software
  43. Authors: Нархов К.Г.

  44. Modelling in sphere of management of pulse protection against explosion and a fire
  45. Authors: Кряжич О.А.

  46. Using ontologies in ships operation tasks
  47. Authors: Козырев И.В.

  48. Combat operations modeling in operational-tactical and tactical simulators
  49. Authors: Ильин В.А.

  50. Information-simulation modeling system architecture for IT-infrastructure life cycle support
  51. Authors: Гришаков В.Г.

  52. Tool environment architecture for processing of design procedures presented in the functionally adaptive form
  53. Authors: Горбачев И.В., Похилько А.Ф., Цыганков Д.Э.

  54. Development of an information processing prototype in respect of its cost
  55. Authors: Скрипачев В.О., Чулкин М.О.

  56. “Сorrective” software package to research long-term development of the fuel and energy sector of Vietnam
  57. Authors: Еделев А.В., Пяткова Н.И., Чемезов А.В., Нгуен Xoaй

  58. The development of cars traffic routes planning system for rail freight
  59. Authors: Хоботов Е.Н., Цельсова А.Ю.

  60. Enterprise information resources modeling for process organization of enterprise management system
  61. Authors: Шведенко В.Н., Веселова Н.С.

  62. An approach to SADT (IDEF0) difficulty evaluation
  63. Authors: Усков А.А., Жукова А.Г.

  64. Some technological aspects of creating educational training equipment for Navy commanding officers and specialists
  65. Authors: Ильин В.А., Андреев В.Ю., Базлов А.Ф., Шуванов А.Д.

  66. Decision support when choosing medications based on the hierarchy analysis method
  67. Authors: Большаков А.Л., Бутенко Д.В., Бутенко Л.Н.

  68. The monitoring of information trends system’s architecture based on the free software
  69. Authors: Беляев С.А., Васильев А.В., Кудряков С.А.

  70. Unified description of information radioelectronic system functioning to estimate training aids software
  71. Authors: Допира Р.В., Абу-Абед Ф.Н., Потапов А.Н., Ищук И.Н., Брежнев Е.Ю.

  72. A service model for military computer simulators
  73. Authors: Вус А.В.

  74. Tools for determining a linguistic-statistical affinity of languages using the turkic morpheme model
  75. Authors: Альменова А.Б.

  76. An enterprise management system
  77. Authors: Лисецкий Ю.М.

  78. Models of enterprise information system support in lifecycle stages
  79. Authors: Лисецкий Ю.М.

  80. Forecasting time series of infectious morbidity
  81. Authors: Тарасова С.А.

  82. Fundamentals of modeling a decision support system for the integrated use of surface ship air defense forces and assets
  83. Authors: Шустова Н.А., Степанов В.В.

  84. A formal model of multiagent systems for federated learning
  85. Authors: Холод И.И., Юлейси Г.П.

  86. Developing and modeling a hybrid dynamic routing protocol
  87. Authors: Абросимов Л.И., Орлова М.А., Хаю Х.

  88. Computer modeling of steel chemical composition to optimize steel production by combining heats
  89. Authors: Ершов Е.В., Карачунов А.Г.