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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Keyword: artificial neural networks

  1. Application of simulation neuron network for the analysis of preemergencies on the chisel
  2. Authors: Допира Р.В., Абу-Абед Ф.Н.

  3. Learning of neural network with delay
  4. Authors: Большакова И.С., Шаронов Д.А.

  5. System of automatic design of intelligent information technologies ensembles For data mining problems
  6. Authors: Семенкин Е.С., Шабалов А.А.

  7. The algorithm and software implementation of the hybrid training method of artificial neural networks
  8. Authors: Белявский Г.И., Пучков Е.В., Лила В.Б.

  9. A distributed platform for parallel training of DisANN artificial neural networksA distributed platform for parallel training of disann artificial neural networks
  10. Authors: Нгуен Занг, Краснощеков А.А.

  11. Methods of assessing the quality of university students’ education using a neuro-fuzzy approach
  12. Authors: Айдинян А.Р., Цветкова О.Л.

  13. Development of a simulation model for hydroelectric set process values for training operation staff
  14. Authors: Никулина А.В., Зеленко Л.С.

  15. A constructive learning method for artificial neural networks with weighted rates
  16. Authors: Казаков М.А.

  17. A method of identifying technical condition radio engineering means using artificial neural network technologies
  18. Authors: Допира Р.В., Ягольников Д.В., Шведун А.А., Яночкин И.Е.

  19. Features of using neural network models to classify short text messages
  20. Authors: Дли М.И., Булыгина О.В.

  21. Software for identification and correction of non-standard errors of measuring instruments in the process of induction soldering
  22. Authors: Тынченко В.С., Мурыгин А.В., Милов А.В.

  23. Applying artificial neural networks in automatic control systems for magnetic levitation
  24. Authors: Коробейников А.Г.

  25. Constructing a computer vision system for aligning the contents of packages by a delta manipulator in food production
  26. Authors: Калабин А.Л., Толстель О.В., Ширкин А.Е.