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Publication date:
16 September 2024

Keyword: image processing

  1. Authors: Грибков И.В., Захаров А.В., Кольцов П.П., Котович Н.В., Кравченко А.А., Куцаев А.С., Осипов А.С.

  2. Reconstruction of images via variational principle
  3. Authors: Сачков Ю.Л., Ардентов А.А., Касимов В.М., Маштаков А.П.

  4. The software and algorithms for the analysis of images of microstructures pearlitic of steels
  5. Authors: Чичко А.Н., Лихоузов С.Г., Сачек О.А.

  6. Segmentation of regions of interest based on isolines classification
  7. Authors: Сенюкова О.В., Галанин В.Е.

  8. Interactive bayesian image matting
  9. Authors: Синдеев М.С., Конушин В.С.

  10. Image processing time prediction using determinate methods
  11. Authors: Логунова О.С., Мацко И.И., Посохов И.А.

  12. On an approach to estimation of video-graphical information processing quality
  13. Authors: Кольцов П.П.

  14. Educational distributed control system for a wheeled mobile platform using video and sensor information
  15. Authors: Зотин А.Г., Саяпин А.В.

  16. Visual quality enhancement of images obtained in adverse illumination conditions based on infrared data
  17. Authors: Зотин А.Г., Дамов М.В., Пахирка А.И., Савчина Е.И.

  18. Automated digital processing of images in solving the problem of magnetic defectoscopy
  19. Authors: Поляков В.И., Коробейников А.Г., Федосовский М.Е., Алексанин С.А.

  20. Magnetic resonance imaging data processing methods for cognitive visualization and tracking of zones of interest
  21. Authors: Фраленко В.П., Шустова М.В., Хачумов М.В.

  22. Automatic tracking method of stem cells of the brain by MRI data
  23. Authors: Шустова М.В.

  24. Software complex for detection and classification of natural objects based on topological analysis
  25. Authors: Еремеев С.В., Абакумов А.В.

  26. Automated detection and classification of objects in the traffic flow on satellite images of the city
  27. Authors: Тормозов В.С.