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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Keyword: data intelligent analysis

  1. Creation of software system on the basis of spatial object interaction diagram
  2. Authors: Прохоров С.А., Куликовских И.М.

  3. The use of bayesian network in structured text classification
  4. Authors: Виноградов С.Ю.

  5. A software package for inductive formation of medical knowledge bases
  6. Authors: Смагин С.В.

  7. Classification and clustering methods for improving efficiency of case-based systems
  8. Authors: Варшавский П.Р., Ар Кар Мьо, Шункевич Д.В.

  9. A recommendation system based on data mining of a scientometric research profile
  10. Authors: Валько Д.В.

  11. Support vector method modification development for solving the classification problem with domain restrictions
  12. Authors: Михайлов И.С., Зеар Аунг, Йе Тху Аунг

  13. Threat projection to the future in complex distributed systems based on the mining of big data and automated monitoring tools
  14. Authors: Христодуло О.И., Пальчевский Е.В., Павлов С.В.

  15. Software implementation of the data mining module based on case-based reasoning for distributed intelligent systems
  16. Authors: Еремеев А.П., Варшавский П.Р., Поляков С.А.

  17. Evaluation of the effectiveness of chemical reaction conditions
  18. Authors: Биллиг В.А., Звягинцев Н.В.

  19. Forecasting based on the second generation artificial neural network for decision support in especially significant situations
  20. Authors: Антонов В.В., Пальчевский Е.В., Еникеев Р.Р.

  21. Developing predictive analytics models for industrial equipment failures
  22. Authors: Савицкая Т.В., Чернухин А.В., Богданова Е.А.