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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Keyword: clusterization

  1. Authors: Островский А.А.

  2. Authors: Корунова Н.В.

  3. Authors: Щуревич Е.В.

  4. Authors: Виноградов Г.П., Мальков А.А.

  5. System for models of the material reconstruction from images
  6. Authors: Ильин А.А., Игнатенко А.В.

  7. Information and communication technology complex management of students
  8. Authors: Пиявский С.А., Камальдинова З.Ф.

  9. Construction of a dynamic multi-agent model with the use of classification trends
  10. Authors: Гимаров В.А., Гимаров В.В., Иванова И.В.

  11. Clustering of atomic knowledge using methods of linear optimization
  12. Authors: Галеев А.Х.

  13. The analysis of complex-structured text data, that characterize processes of state orders formation, placement and performance in science and technology
  14. Authors: Горюнов И.Г., Пономарев С.А., Сытник Д.А., Корецкий М.В.

  15. Problems of information retrieval as part of a distributed intelligent software system of information support of innovation
  16. Authors: Борисов А.Л., Чохонелидзе А.Н., Борисов С.Ю.

  17. Three step clustering of dynamic internet resources using document object models
  18. Authors: Мороховец Ю.Е., Зейн А.Н.

  19. Software system for disease diagnosis by chromatogram of blood serum sample
  20. Authors: Барам Е.Г.

  21. Speaker clustering using enhanced self-organizing incremental neural networks
  22. Authors: Вагин В.Н., Ганишев В.А.

  23. Classification and clustering methods for improving efficiency of case-based systems
  24. Authors: Варшавский П.Р., Ар Кар Мьо, Шункевич Д.В.

  25. Optimum entropy clustering in information systems
  26. Authors: Аскерова Б.Г.

  27. Cost estimation in software projects design using the mountain algorithm
  28. Authors: Зубкова Т.М., Наточая Е.Н.

  29. A method of situational forecasting of the emergence of novel Industry 4.0 technologies
  30. Authors: Андреев А.М., Березкин Д.В., Козлов И.А.

  31. The method of fuzzy controllers automatic synthesis
  32. Authors: Игнатьев В.В., Соловьев В.В., Воротова А.А.

  33. User authentication based on the keystroke dynamics in the process of using industrial control systems
  34. Authors: Тумбинская М.В., Асадуллин Н.Ф., Муртазин Р.Р.

  35. Development of theoretical bases for classification and clusterization of fuzzy features based on the theory of categories
  36. Authors: Савилкин С.Б., Русаков К.Д., Хиль С.Ш., Селиверстов Д.Е.

  37. Using discrete optimization tools to classify cognitive deficits: special aspects of using the minimax and additive criterion
  38. Authors: Мезенцев Ю.А., Разумникова О.М., Павлов П.С., Тарасова И.В., Трубникова О.А.

  39. An addition to the clustering algorithm of a wireless sensor network
  40. Authors: Татарникова Т.М., Бимбетов Ф., Горина Е.В.

  41. Applying CUDA technology for training the Kohonen neural network
  42. Authors: Тумаков Д.Н., Латыпова Д.С.

  43. Developing a specialized ontology to represent the economic concept of a cluster
  44. Authors: Напольских Д.Л.