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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Keyword: neural network

  1. Authors: Корунова Н.В.

  2. Authors: Воеводин Ю.Ю.

  3. Authors: Филатова Н.Н., Спиридонов А.В.

  4. The generic algorithm for choosing the dominant signs for a neural network
  5. Authors: Нигматуллина А.Н.

  6. Management of intellectual resources of projects in the field of nanotechnology
  7. Authors: Стоянова О.В., Дли М.И., Васицына А.И.

  8. Intellectual systems and algorithms of objects management in simulators
  9. Authors: Захаров В.Л., Янюшкин В.В.

  10. Electromechanical systems diagnosis based on neural network technologies
  11. Authors: Палюх Б.В., Богатиков В.Н., Шпрехер Д.М.

  12. Intelligent information system for rolling stock carriage equipment faillures forecasting on railways
  13. Authors: Иванова Е.И.

  14. Intelligent system for automatic identification of text addressee category
  15. Authors: Глазкова А.В.

  16. Object detection algorithm in low image quality photographs
  17. Authors: Викторов А.С.

  18. Decision support system to determine a nosological entity of hepatitis
  19. Authors: Дмитриев Г.А., Астафьев А.Н.

  20. Study of the influence of initialization algorithms of Volterry network weight coefficients on forecast problem solving
  21. Authors: Лёзина И.В., Сараева К.В.

  22. Research on compression of raster images using artificial neural networks
  23. Authors: Генов А.А., Осипов В.В., Русаков К.Д., Моисеев А.А.

  24. Investigation of a combined algorithm for learning three-layer neural networks of different topologies
  25. Authors: Чернышев Ю.О., Остроух Е.Н., Евич Л.Н., Маркин С.Д., Панасенко П.А.

  26. An improved neural network training algorithm
  27. Authors: Зуев В.Н., Кемайкин В.К.

  28. Comparison of neural network models for classifying text fragments containing biographical information
  29. Authors: Глазкова А.В.

  30. Neural network user behavior analysis for detecting host-level intrusion
  31. Authors: Ефимов А.Ю., Зуев В.Н.

  32. The neural network development for evaluating the technical condition of a hydro turbine using vibration monitoring
  33. Authors: Клячкин В.Н., Санталов А.А.

  34. Experimental analysis of the accuracy and performance of varieties of YOLO architectures for computer vision problems
  35. Authors: Боков П.А., Кравченя П.Д.

  36. Network anomalies detection by deep learning
  37. Authors: Зуев В.Н.

  38. A software platform demonstrator for joint use of evidence theory algorithms and neural networks in fuzzy systems
  39. Authors: Палюх Б.В., Иванов В.К.

  40. Aspect extraction from scientific paper texts
  41. Authors: Батура Т.В., Бручес Е.П., Маршалова А.Э.

  42. Informational and algorithmic support of an environmental air monitoring intelligent system based on neural networks
  43. Authors: Корнюшко В.Ф., Садеков Л.В., Ярыгин Г.А., Баюкин М.В., Шмакова Е.Г.

  44. Neural network tool environment for creating adaptive application program interfaces
  45. Authors: Зубкова Т.М., Тагирова Л.Ф.

  46. Intelligent system for analyzing traffic flows in automated traffic control systems
  47. Authors: Катасёв А.С., Хусаинов Р.М., Талипов Н.Г., Шалаева Д.В.