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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: fuzzy logic

  1. Authors: Афанасьева Т.В.

  2. Authors: Ярушкина Н.Г., Афанасьева Т.В., Новак В., Перфильева И.

  3. Authors: Ярушкина Н.Г., Чекина Е.В.

  4. Authors: Еремеев А.П., Виноградов О.В.

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  6. Authors: Каяшев А.И., Муравьева Е.А., Каяшева Г.А.

  7. Authors: Филатова Н.Н., Спиридонов А.В.

  8. Statement of the problem of construction of the intellectual information control system by safety of traffic
  9. Authors: Кузнецов В.Н., Клюшин А.Ю., Кучерявых В.В.

  10. Semantical-mathematical language of the description of structure Of intellectual system on the basis of fuzzy logic
  11. Authors: Антонов В.В., Куликов Г.Г.

  12. The program complex for linguistic interpretation of graphic dependencies with fuzzy coordinates of central points
  13. Authors: Филатова Н.Н., Миловидов А.А.

  14. Neural-fuzzy method for reducing the sensitivity of inverse problems to the variation data
  15. Authors: Абраменкова И.В., Пучков А.Ю., Павлов Д.А.

  16. Intellectual system of control and monitoring of the gas boiler-house
  17. Authors: Белоусов О.А., Иванов С.В.

  18. Fuzzy queries application in plan tasks of ships maintenance and repair
  19. Authors: Косоуров Д.А.

  20. Complex method of arithmetic operations performance with fuzzy numbers and its application in the economic analysis under uncertainty
  21. Authors: Усков А.А., Киселев И.А.

  22. Using decision making theory for appraisement problems according to the CMMI model
  23. Authors: Бураков Д.П., Гарина М.И., Кожомбердиева Г.И.

  24. Kalman fuzzy filter in the structure of the algorithm solving inverse problems for economic objects
  25. Authors: Павлов Д.А.

  26. Project management when creating software system for electronic workflow
  27. Authors: Кузнецов В.Н., Мутовкина Н.Ю., Чудов С.А.

  28. A model of the information security events choice based on fuzzy automata
  29. Authors: Борисов В.В., Гончаров М.М.

  30. Modeling agents interaction in a multi-agent system using the apparatus of coloured petri nets and fuzzy logic
  31. Authors: Владимиров А.В.

  32. Adaptive fuzzy systems on FOREL class taxonomy
  33. Authors: Щекин В.П., Черный С.Г., Бордюг А.С.

  34. Fuzzy sliding mode control system of unstable dynamic system cart-pole based on soft computing
  35. Authors: Ульянов С.В., Нефедов Н.Ю.

  36. Pedestrian flows control at peak traffic
  37. Authors: Аникеев Е.А.

  38. Human-intelligent software systems of creative problem solving intelligent support
  39. Authors: Семенов Н.А., Кузнецов В.Н., Клюшин А.Ю., Мутовкина Н.Ю.

  40. A microcontroller for a fuzzy control system in a sensorless BLDC drive
  41. Authors: Льготчиков В.В., Горчаков Д.В.

  42. Educational distributed control system for a wheeled mobile platform using video and sensor information
  43. Authors: Зотин А.Г., Саяпин А.В.

  44. Fuzzy logic in a sensorless valve electric drive
  45. Authors: Льготчиков В.В., Горчаков Д.В.

  46. Interval differential equations in kalman fuzzy filter structure in complex technological object management
  47. Authors: Дли М.И., Пучков А.Ю.

  48. Estimation of website security status as badly formalizable objects based on fuzzy logic methods
  49. Authors: Богатиков В.Н., Клюшин А.Ю., Дим Д.Т.

  50. Fuzzy logic algorithms in the control system of a hybrid reflector antenna beamformer
  51. Authors: Белоусов О.А., Рязанов Е.В., Колмыкова А.С., Дякин А.И.

  52. Modeling and analysis of programs for multidimensional interval-logic controllers
  53. Authors: Антипин А.Ф., Антипина Е.В.

  54. The dynamic form model of radar target priorities using fuzzy logic methods
  55. Authors: Непряев А.А.

  56. Development of decision support programs based on Bayesian probabilistic models
  57. Authors: Бураков Д.П., Кожомбердиева Г.И., Хамчичев Г.А.

  58. Developing an adaptive training system for an engineering discipline
  59. Authors: Тагирова Л.Ф.

  60. Organization of adaptive data routing in electric power complexes using ontological fuzzy classifiers
  61. Authors: Федулов А.С., Лазарев А.И.

  62. Integration of reinforcement learning methods and fuzzy logic for intelligent real-time systems
  63. Authors: Еремеев А.П., Сергеев М.Д., Петров В.С.