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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Keyword: CAD system

  1. Authors: Афанасьев А.Н., Войт Н.Н.

  2. Authors: Еремеев А.П., Виноградов О.В.

  3. Authors: Иващенко А.В., Федосеев А.А., Прохоров С.А.

  4. Authors: Бунаков П.Ю.

  5. About solution of one task technologies by methods of applied geometry
  6. Authors: Ложкин А.Г., Яхнис М.А., Ипатов А.И.

  7. Cad for automated cost-effective plant layout design
  8. Authors: Мешалкин В.П., Образцов А.А., Панченко С.В.

  9. Optimization of structural component of electric connectors
  10. Authors: Сафонов А.Л.

  11. Algorithmic basis of tests generation taking into account radiating influence
  12. Authors: Конарев М.В.

  13. Complex automation system of process planning
  14. Authors: Байбаков С.В.

  15. The automated designing of nature-technical systems of recycling of waste products
  16. Authors: Костарев С.Н.

  17. Microsoft Office Visio 2007 use in CAD system
  18. Authors: Родионов Л.Ф., Уютов А.А., Назарова И.А.

  19. The simulation program of electronic equipment under shock impact
  20. Authors: Талицкий Е.Н., Шумарин С.В., Белов Д.И.

  21. Verilog-A compact model of graphene field-effect transistor
  22. Authors: Целыковский А.А., Данилов И.А., Зебрев Г.И.

  23. Design paradigm and interface in hybrid forgings Cad
  24. Authors: Коновалов А.В., Арзамасцев С.В., Гагарин П.Ю.

  25. Solving the problem of premises, buildings and constructions classification according to explosion and fire hazard categories using CAD
  26. Authors: Баранников Н.И., Сергеева М.А.

  27. Algorithms for synthesis of band-blocking filters on smooth inhomogeneous lines for CAD microwave devices
  28. Authors: Бердышев Р.В., Кордюков Р.Ю., Бердышев В.П., Помазуев О.Н., Хрипун С.И.

  29. A library of components for mixed-signal ic in-circuit testing
  30. Authors: Ефремов И.А., Мосин С.Г., Кисляков М.А.

  31. Tool environment architecture for processing of design procedures presented in the functionally adaptive form
  32. Authors: Горбачев И.В., Похилько А.Ф., Цыганков Д.Э.

  33. Adjustment of the forging capd decision using the fuzzy set theory
  34. Authors: Коновалов А.В., Канюков С.И.

  35. Control concept for a forging design process in CAD system
  36. Authors: Коновалов А.В., Канюков С.И.

  37. Synthesis of burst-mode asynchronous schemes using Synopsys Design Compiler
  38. Authors: Сурков А.В.

  39. A genetic algorithm for computer-aided design of preparatory forging transitions
  40. Authors: Коновалов А.В., Канюков С.И.

  41. A genetic algorithm for designing main transitions in Capp of shaft forging
  42. Authors: Коновалов А.В., Канюков С.И.

  43. The application issues of a cad subsystem for
  44. Authors: Сольницев Р.И., До Суан Чо

  45. Automated design flow of self-timed pipelines using EDA tools
  46. Authors: Сурков А.В., Власов А.О.

  47. A concept of intersubjective response receiving to fuzzy queries to forging computer-aided process planning database
  48. Authors: Коновалов А.В., Муйземнек О.Ю., Канюков С.И.

  49. Input language of a computer-aided system for shaft forging
  50. Authors: Коновалов А.В., Муйземнек О.Ю., Канюков С.И.

  51. Lingware of computer-aided design system for a shaft press forging process
  52. Authors: Коновалов А.В., Муйземнек О.Ю., Курённов Д.В., Партин А.С., Канюков С.И.

  53. Designing a decarbonising closed-loop Nature–Technology control system
  54. Authors: Сольницев Р.И., Коршунов Г.И., Лэй Ван