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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Keyword: forecasting

  1. Authors: Макаров А.Н., Корнеев К.Б.

  2. Authors: Извозчикова В.В., Матвейкин И.В.

  3. Authors: Иванюк В.А., Андрейчиков А.В.

  4. Authors: Измайлов В.В., Наумов А.Е.

  5. Authors: Чернышева Т.Ю., Ефимов П.Н.

  6. Authors: Ильин А.А.

  7. Method of intellectual processing of medical and biologic data
  8. Authors: Цыганкова И.А.

  9. Neural network model for financial data forecasting
  10. Authors: Кратович П.В.

  11. Software for estimating situation at the avalance site
  12. Authors: Зимин М.И.

  13. Process of building subject area on the bases of analysis of conceptual diagram
  14. Authors: Извозчикова В.В., Матвейкин И.В.

  15. Use of ontology in forecasting business development
  16. Authors: Извозчикова В.В., Матвейкин И.В., Тюков Н.И.

  17. Program complex of algorithms for increase and forecast of petroreturn of a layer
  18. Authors: Кулиев Р.А.

  19. Prediction based on the allocation of border implementations of dynamic systems
  20. Authors: Сидоркина И.Г., Егошин А.В., Шумков Д.С.

  21. Estimation of degree of influence natural and technology factors on various types of failures of the main gas pipelines
  22. Authors: Жуков А.С.

  23. The intelligent «ANAPRO» software in problems of monitoring in power distribution network
  24. Authors: Курбацкий В.Г., Томин Н.В.

  25. Neural networks and ARIMA models for stock series forecasting
  26. Authors: Кратович П.В.

  27. Automated design system of artificial neural network
  28. Authors: Чернов А.В., Белявский Г.И., Пучков Е.В.

  29. Software for determining the cause of the avalanche
  30. Authors: Зимин М.И.

  31. Supply planning system at the diversify enterprise
  32. Authors: Ильина Л.Ю.

  33. Evolution algorithm of decision tree building
  34. Authors: Суконщиков А.А., Ржеуцкий А.В.

  35. Image processing time prediction using determinate methods
  36. Authors: Логунова О.С., Мацко И.И., Посохов И.А.

  37. Application of soft computing for to analyse the knowledge base structure of information system
  38. Authors: Гордеев Р.Н., Бурилин А.В.

  39. Prospects for applying hybrid forecasting of performance of the Russian Federation state program
  40. Authors: Ярушев С.А., Аверкин А.Н.

  41. Forecasting stock price growth using feedforward neural networks
  42. Authors: Лесик И.А.

  43. Early warning system of drinking water quality parameters violation
  44. Authors: Бубырь Д.С.

  45. Intelligent information system for rolling stock carriage equipment faillures forecasting on railways
  46. Authors: Иванова Е.И.

  47. Classification algorithm based on random forest principes for a forecasting problem
  48. Authors: Курейчик В.М., Картиев С.Б.

  49. Bank clients’ solvency forecasting based on machine learning methods and Markov chains
  50. Authors: Шунина Ю.С., Клячкин В.Н.

  51. Forecasting in dynamic system control
  52. Authors: Тиханычев О.В.

  53. Development and implementation of a forecasting model for a chromatic error of galvanized strip polymeric coating
  54. Authors: Осколков В.М., Варфоломеев И.А., Виноградова Л.Н., Ершов Е.В.

  55. Implementation of reinforcement learning methods based on temporal differences and a multi-agent approach for real-time intelligent systems
  56. Authors: Еремеев А.П., Кожухов А.А.

  57. Cognitive hybrid systems for decision support and forecasting
  58. Authors: Ярушев С.А., Аверкин А.Н., Павлов В.Ю.

  59. Study of the influence of initialization algorithms of Volterry network weight coefficients on forecast problem solving
  60. Authors: Лёзина И.В., Сараева К.В.

  61. Adequate interdisciplinary models in forecasting time series of statistical data
  62. Authors: Пранов Б.М.

  63. Local trends for time series pre-preparation in forecasting problems
  64. Authors: Белявский Г.И., Пучков Е.В.

  65. An agent approach when modeling the dynamics of changing quantitative and qualitative state of a fleet of special purpose radio systems
  66. Authors: Пахомов В.С.

  67. A method of situational forecasting of the emergence of novel Industry 4.0 technologies
  68. Authors: Андреев А.М., Березкин Д.В., Козлов И.А.

  69. Forecasting time series of infectious morbidity
  70. Authors: Тарасова С.А.

  71. An intelligent approach to online reporting and short-term forecasting of time series
  72. Authors: Тормозов В.С., Золкин А.Л., Менциев А.У.

  73. Forecasting based on the second generation artificial neural network for decision support in especially significant situations
  74. Authors: Антонов В.В., Пальчевский Е.В., Еникеев Р.Р.