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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: planning

  1. Authors: Чернышева Т.Ю., Ефимов П.Н.

  2. Dataflow modeling in the distributed computer systems
  3. Authors: Логинов И.В., Лебеденко Е.В.

  4. Planning of tasks with synchronous start
  5. Authors: Грюнталь А.И.

  6. The program of planning of educational charges in general educational establishments
  7. Authors: Курченкова А.Б.

  8. Model of optimal projects planning for microelectronic products creation
  9. Authors: Беляева Т.П., Затворницкий А.П.

  10. The method of innovation activity planning
  11. Authors: Гейда А.С., Лысенко И.В., Птушкин А.И., Седлов Е.В.

  12. Parallel processing in software systems for planning the use of airspace
  13. Authors: Григорьев В.А., Тимофеев С.Ю.

  14. Planning system for production with concurrent product assembly
  15. Authors: Хоботов Е.Н., Сидоренко А.М., Мелкишев В.Н.

  16. Tuning execution of parallel programs
  17. Authors: Телегин П.Н.

  18. The evaluation of reliability of the integrated cluster system with the meta-scheduler Gridway
  19. Authors: Корсуков А.С.

  20. Fuzzy queries application in plan tasks of ships maintenance and repair
  21. Authors: Косоуров Д.А.

  22. Automated flight planning system on Russian segment of the international space station
  23. Authors: Станиловская В.И., Беляев А.М., Потоцкий С.И., Козлечков А.Г., Колокольцева О.М., Будникова Т.С.

  24. Mathematical formulation of one-criterion optimization problem of crew actions scheduling on Russian segment of the International space station
  25. Authors: Орловский Н.М., Воробьев С.П.

  26. Mathematical formulation for multicriterion problem of flight plan optimization
  27. Authors: Беляев А.М., Орловский Н.М.

  28. The development of cars traffic routes planning system for rail freight
  29. Authors: Хоботов Е.Н., Цельсова А.Ю.

  30. The planning method for telecommunication network management system development
  31. Authors: Логинов И.В., Гришаков В.Г., Дементьев Д.Н., Верижников М.В.

  32. Algorithms and models for maintenance process automated control systems
  33. Authors: Бурдо Г.Б., Федотова А.В.