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Publication date:
17 March 2024

Keyword: verification

  1. Authors: Еловков Д.Д.

  2. Complex verification of results forecasting characteristics transport system
  3. Authors: Арефьев И.Б., Клавдиев А.А., Сулима А.А.

  4. The development of the system for microprocessor random testing INTEG
  5. Authors: Грибков И.В., Захаров А.В., Кольцов П.П., Котович Н.В., Кравченко А.А., Куцаев А.С., Осипов А.С., Хисамбеев И.Ш., Коганов М.А.

  6. Program for automated verification of databases integrity constraints
  7. Authors: Хомоненко А.Д., Глухарев М.Л., Косаренко А.П.

  8. Process semantics of distributed programming language
  9. Authors: Кораблин Ю.П., Кучугуров И.В.

  10. Questions equivalent schemes of parallel programs
  11. Authors: Кораблин Ю.П., Кучугуров И.В., Косакян М.Л.

  12. Integrity control of input data during automated software analysis
  13. Authors: Поляничко М.А.

  14. Development tools of verification for device drivers based on semantic models
  15. Authors: Кораблин Ю.П., Павлов Е.Г.

  16. Analysis tools of Linux operating system drivers development
  17. Authors: Кораблин Ю.П., Павлов Е.Г.

  18. VMASTER – environment for probabilistic multiagent system development and verification
  19. Authors: Лебедев П.В.

  20. Analysis of the programm use the language of asynchronous functional schemes models using linear-time temporal logic
  21. Authors: Кораблин Ю.П., Косакян М.Л.

  22. Peculiarities of data sets testing in the z/OS operating system
  23. Authors: Бартеньев О.В., Клюев С.В.

  24. The limitation method for verifiable models
  25. Authors: Кораблин Ю.П., Шипов А.А.

  26. Equational characteristics of LTL formulas
  27. Authors: Кораблин Ю.П., Шипов А.А.

  28. The method of distributed analysis of verifiable models properties
  29. Authors: Шипов А.А.

  30. System models construction based on LTL formula equational characteristics
  31. Authors: Кораблин Ю.П., Шипов А.А.

  32. System model verification based on equational characteristics of LTL formulas
  33. Authors: Кораблин Ю.П., Шипов А.А., Кочергин А.С.

  34. Program synthesizing based on a graph-analytic model description
  35. Authors: Зыков А.Г., Кочетков И.В., Поляков В.И., Чистиков Е.Г.

  36. Modular computer systems simulation software tool for checking feasibility of their configurations
  37. Authors: Глонина А.Б.

  38. The unified representation of LTL and CTL logics formulas by recursive equation systems
  39. Authors: Кораблин Ю.П., Шипов А.А.

  40. An information technology for verifying special software of military automated systems
  41. Authors: Жидков Р.Е., Викторов Д.С., Жидков Е.Н.

  42. Automation of program verification using graph analytical models of a computational process
  43. Authors: Зыков А.Г., Поляков В.И., Голованев Я.С.

  44. Systems model verification based on equational characteristics of СTL formulas
  45. Authors: Кораблин Ю.П., Шипов А.А.

  46. Computer modeling for intelligent evaluation of dynamic interaction of solids
  47. Authors: Филатова Н.Н., Мешков В.В., Федосов Ю.А.