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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: technological process

  1. Authors: Калабин А.Л., Керницкий А.В., Пакшвер Э.А.

  2. Making a knowledge model of technologies by means of discriminant algorithms
  3. Authors: Пименов В.И.

  4. Working out of the automated system operatively-scheduling in pilot production
  5. Authors: Ларин С.Н., Козырев С.А.

  6. Simulation software for modeling dimensional structure of technological processes
  7. Authors: Палюх Б.В., Бурдо Г.Б., Рогозин Г.И.

  8. Complex automation system of process planning
  9. Authors: Байбаков С.В.

  10. Practical realisation of researches in the field of optimisation of technological processes
  11. Authors: Ларин С.Н.

  12. Intelligence software of technological processes design
  13. Authors: Бурдо Г.Б.

  14. Intelligence plan and management of production systems in geophysical manufacture
  15. Authors: Бурдо Г.Б.

  16. Workflow with flexible transitions of stellar type
  17. Authors: Вышенский С.В., Дубенская Ю.Ю.

  18. Implementation method for interactive monitoring systems based on flexible workflows
  19. Authors: Вышенский С.В., Дубенская Ю.Ю., Григорьев П.В.

  20. Design paradigm and interface in hybrid forgings Cad
  21. Authors: Коновалов А.В., Арзамасцев С.В., Гагарин П.Ю.

  22. Expert system for monitoring of technological processes
  23. Authors: Калабин А.Л., Пакшвер Э.А., Козлов А.В., Буров А.Н.

  24. Lingware of computer-aided design system for a shaft press forging process
  25. Authors: Коновалов А.В., Муйземнек О.Ю., Курённов Д.В., Партин А.С., Канюков С.И.

  26. The software module of the automated design for the crimping hollow cylindrical parts process
  27. Authors: Кузьмин А.В., Сердюк А.И., Сергеев А.И., Овечкин М.В., Щеголев А.В., Иванюк М.В.

  28. The intelligent approach to automation of technological and production processes
  29. Authors: Рябов С.Ю., Рябов Ю.В.

  30. The analysis model and prediction of technological parameters for the process of electron beam welding
  31. Authors: Тынченко В.С., Петренко В.Е., Курашкин С.О., Головенок И.А.

  32. A software platform demonstrator for joint use of evidence theory algorithms and neural networks in fuzzy systems
  33. Authors: Палюх Б.В., Иванов В.К.

  34. Developing software for mathematical modeling of temperature distribution in the process of electron beam welding
  35. Authors: Тынченко В.С., Курашкин С.О., Рогова Д.В., Шуткина Е.В.