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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: information technologies

  1. Authors: Семенов С.В., Александров А.В., Лещев В.А., Лещев С.В.

  2. Authors: Куц Ю.И.

  3. Integration technology of library-information system in university education environment
  4. Authors: Болодурина И.П., Волкова Т.В., Болдырев П.А.

  5. Cloud computing for computer simulation in science and engineering
  6. Authors: Тарнавский Г.А.

  7. Risk management in software projects of high reliability
  8. Authors: Налютин Н.Ю., Рябов В.А.

  9. Modeling of biosynthesis optimal conditions
  10. Authors: Гордеева Ю.Л.

  11. Intellectual system of control and monitoring of the gas boiler-house
  12. Authors: Белоусов О.А., Иванов С.В.

  13. The innovative approach to program-tool means structure definition for business processes at the indus-trial enterprise
  14. Authors: Федунец Н.И., Гончаренко А.Н.

  15. Method of conceptual design of information systems software
  16. Authors: Бутенко Д.В., Ананьев А.С., Попов К.В.

  17. Qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the open information systems
  18. Authors: Ефимов И.Н., Жукова С.А.

  19. Technology creation for managers data support systems development when shipboard damage control
  20. Authors: Москаленко В.А.

  21. The algorithm of predesign researches and information systems modeling
  22. Authors: Бутенко Д.В., Ананьев А.С., Бутенко Л.Н.

  23. Online chair: cloud technology in higher education
  24. Authors: Мышев А.В., Тельнов В.П.

  25. An information system of technological machines operation analysis
  26. Authors: Болотов А.Н., Горлов И.В., Полетаева Е.В., Рахутин М.Г.

  27. Editing and entering information into XML-documents of automated information systems
  28. Authors: Трусов А.Н., Иванченко П.Ю., Кацуро Д.А.

  29. Development of an educational course ontological model for distance learning systems
  30. Authors: Зеленко Л.С., Шумская Е.А.