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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: effectively

  1. Authors: Томчук М.Н., Страбыкин Д.А.

  2. Authors: Гончаренко С.Н., Ширинкин М.С.

  3. The increasing inductor spaces and analyze of parallel algorithms
  4. Authors: Коганов А.В.

  5. Optimality of structurization of program resources at the conveyor distributed processing
  6. Authors: Павлов П.А.

  7. Software package for estimation of computational complexity of graph algorithms
  8. Authors: Кохов В.А., Ткаченко С.В.

  9. System of estimated indicators and criteria of activity of civil servants
  10. Authors: Шитько М.Ю.

  11. Methods reactivate the application
  12. Authors: Удовиченко А.О.

  13. Forming an integral efficiency factor of information system functioning
  14. Authors: Аржаев В.И., Семенов С.А., Семенов В.С., Моничев С.С.

  15. Bundled software for performance evaluation and tax policy optimization in federative systems in regional tax competitive environment
  16. Authors: Леонова Н.А.

  17. Technological models for management of company automated control system development
  18. Authors: Логинов И.В.

  19. On the approach to the development of the radar system constructing methodology
  20. Authors: Семенов С.А., Кобан А.Я.

  21. About table inheritance effectiveness in PostgreSQL DBMS
  22. Authors: Сорокин В.Е.

  23. Aspect-oriented programming as an approach to improve the efficiency of IT projects economic performance
  24. Authors: Семенов Н.А., Гончаров А.А.

  25. Method of testing the training models for the adequacy
  26. Authors: Ильин В.А., Кирюшов Н.П.

  27. The quality control of training equipment
  28. Authors: Ильин В.А., Пахомов Е.С.

  29. The performance evaluation of simulator training by the method of target management
  30. Authors: Ильин В.А., Савватеев А.С.