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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: pattern recognition

  1. Authors: Погодин С.В.

  2. Applying models of cooperative decision making in intellectual systems
  3. Authors: Сикулер Д.В., Фомин В.В.

  4. Model of multi-agent for prognostication the automated control systems
  5. Authors: Лихачев В.Е.

  6. Estimation of degree of influence natural and technology factors on various types of failures of the main gas pipelines
  7. Authors: Жуков А.С.

  8. Fuzzy aggregation of multimodal information in an intelligent interface
  9. Authors: Алфимцев А.Н.

  10. A system for automatic traffic signs mapping
  11. Authors: Конушин А.С., Чигорин А.А.

  12. Numerical methods for determining aircraft spatial attitude according to its 2-d optical images
  13. Authors: Хмаров И.М., Мирзоян А.С., Малышев О.В., Мешков В.В., Шахов С.В.

  14. Scene geometry for detector precision improvement
  15. Authors: Конушин А.С., Шальнов Е.В.

  16. Parallel computing when implementing web-based pattern recognition tools based on use case methods
  17. Authors: Фомин В.В., Александров И.В.

  18. Identification of a complex technical system functional state under conditions of measurement data ambiguity
  19. Authors: Генов А.А., Русаков К.Д., Хиль С.Ш.

  20. Development of a pattern recognition system for a mobile robot
  21. Authors: Ульянов С.В., Решетников А.Г., Кошелев К.В.

  22. Modern approaches to training intelligent agents in the Atari environment
  23. Authors: Беляев С.А., Коробов Д.А.

  24. A constructive learning method for artificial neural networks with weighted rates
  25. Authors: Казаков М.А.

  26. Setting up and training a multilayer perceptron for the problem of highlighting the road surface in the city space images
  27. Authors: Тормозов В.С., Василенко К.А., Золкин А.Л.

  28. Technical object projection in the image into metric space using deep neural networks for the detection problem
  29. Authors: Калабин А.Л., Толстель О.В., Ширкин А.Е.

  30. The adaptation of the LSTM neural network model to solve the pattern recognition complex problem
  31. Authors: Тормозов В.С.

  32. Automated detection and classification of objects in the traffic flow on satellite images of the city
  33. Authors: Тормозов В.С.

  34. Software for automated detection and assessment of building seam failures
  35. Authors: Логунова О.С., Кабанова В.В., Наркевич М.Ю., Корниенко В.Д.