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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: mathematical and computer modeling

  1. Authors: Позднеев А.В.

  2. Modelling of three-dimensionnal temperature fields in electronic modules
  3. Authors: Мадера А.Г., Кандалов П.И.

  4. System of support of decision-making on management of information resources
  5. Authors: Абраменкова И.В., Стоянова О.В., Дли М.И., Зайцев О.В.

  6. Realization of the competition models in the software
  7. Authors: Степанов Л.В.

  8. Vector-matrix model of budget management
  9. Authors: Власова Е.А., Каратуева Н.А.

  10. Software for support of modeling of medical ecological economical systems
  11. Authors: Павлов А.И., Столбов А.Б.

  12. Mathematical modeling of radio transparent covering as multilayered dielectric media
  13. Authors: Аверкин В.Н., Бердышев Р.В., Кордюков Р.Ю., Куликов А.В.

  14. Program complex to modeling of fluidized bed coating process
  15. Authors: Меньшутина Н.В., Маковская Ю.В., Голомидов Е.С., Гордиенко М.Г.

  16. Basic design of training systems for difficult technical complexes
  17. Authors: Решетников В.Н., Мамросенко К.А.

  18. Software for support of decision making to structure Of physicochemical systems’ models
  19. Authors: Коныгин С.Б.

  20. Method of decision-making support on management of temporary aspects of projects at the industrial enterprises
  21. Authors: Стоянова О.В., Васицына А.И.

  22. Software and algorithms of modeling of nonlinear dynamics by Volterra polynomials
  23. Authors: Солодуша С.В.

  24. Matrix-topological method for mathematical and computer modeling of temperature fields in electronic modules: programming complex STF-ElectronMod
  25. Authors: Мадера А.Г., Кандалов П.И.

  26. Processes optimization in supercritical reactor
  27. Authors: Меньшутина Н.В., Каталевич А.М., Лебедев А.Е., Малинина В.В.

  28. Program complex to predict of the solubility in supercritical fluids
  29. Authors: Меньшутина Н.В., Гуриков П.А., Батин С.Э.

  30. Code refactoring. Basic approaches
  31. Authors: Калабин А.Л., Грязнов Е.Н.

  32. The regulatory base to design aerospace training systems
  33. Authors: Мамросенко К.А.

  34. Software and algorithms for information processing at resistance thermometers calibration
  35. Authors: Япарова Н.М.

  36. Development of mathematical models and cae for process control of continuous casting of non-ferrous metals
  37. Authors: Жиганов Н.К., Фомина Е.Е., Вольнов И.Н.

  38. A software suite to analyze cause-effect factors of a conflict of ergotechnical radio-electronic equipment simulators
  39. Authors: Мартынов Д.В., Абу-Абед Ф.Н., Талалаев А.Б., Потапов А.Н.

  40. Typical functions of flight simulation device instructor station software
  41. Authors: Чижикова Л.А.

  42. Software modeling of stochastic temperature fields in stf-electron mod technical systems
  43. Authors: Кандалов П.И.

  44. Single screw extruder engineering with artificial intelligence elements
  45. Authors: Зубкова Т.М., Мустюков Н.А., Токарева М.А.

  46. Forecasting in dynamic system control
  47. Authors: Тиханычев О.В.

  48. Design principles of modular software architecture in aviation
  49. Authors: Чижикова Л.А.

  50. A mathematical model of vacuum freeze-dryer with uneven vapor distribution over the chamber volume
  51. Authors: Гордиенко М.Г., Мохова Е.К.

  52. A software package for simulating a silicon hydrochlorination reactor
  53. Authors: Чистякова Т.Б., Глушков И.В., Аверина Ю.М.

  54. Designing a decarbonising closed-loop Nature–Technology control system
  55. Authors: Сольницев Р.И., Коршунов Г.И., Лэй Ван

  56. Modeling biotechnological processes using a mathematical apparatus of artificial neural networks
  57. Authors: Гусева Е.В., Дударов С.П., Макляев И.В., Леметюйнен Ю.А., Кареткин Б.А., Евдокимова С.А.