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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Keyword: testing

  1. Interactive knowledge estimating model and algorithms
  2. Authors: Александрова Л.А., Тумбинская М.В.

  3. Program for automated verification of databases integrity constraints
  4. Authors: Хомоненко А.Д., Глухарев М.Л., Косаренко А.П.

  5. Integrity control of input data during automated software analysis
  6. Authors: Поляничко М.А.

  7. Improvement of debugging and testing increase performance techniques in multiprocessor systems
  8. Authors: Лавринов Г.А.

  9. Peculiarities of data sets testing in the z/OS operating system
  10. Authors: Бартеньев О.В., Клюев С.В.

  11. Methods of multiprocessor system initializations
  12. Authors: Лавринов Г.А.

  13. An approach to software testing management system development
  14. Authors: Корнюшко В.Ф., Костров А.В., Породникова П.А.

  15. KLEE for automatic testing programs in C/C++
  16. Authors: Зыков А.Г., Кочетков И.В., Поляков В.И.

  17. Comparison of russian and foreign microprocessor performance
  18. Authors: Годунов А.Н., Байков Н.Д.

  19. Program synthesizing based on a graph-analytic model description
  20. Authors: Зыков А.Г., Кочетков И.В., Поляков В.И., Чистиков Е.Г.

  21. Optimization of the control initialization periodicity based on duplicated computing
  22. Authors: Богатырев В.А., Лисичкин Д.Э.

  23. Domain-specific languages for testing web applications
  24. Authors: Федоренков В.Г., Балакшин П.В.