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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Palyukh B.V.

Ph.D (
Tver State Technical University
Author in:
  1. Simulation software for modeling dimensional structure of technological processes
  2. Co-authors: Burdo G.B., Рогозин Г.И.
  3. Testing program using genetic algorithms
  4. Co-authors: S.L. Kotov, Melnikova V.V., Проскуряков М.А.
  5. Developing of mandatory security policy mechanism in CIM based on Oracle ECM 11G
  6. Co-authors: S.L. Kotov, Melnikova V.V., Проскуряков М.А.
  7. Mechanisms of evolution of organizational process systems
  8. Co-authors: Vinogradov G.P.
  9. A fuzzy cognitive map as a tool to model innovation at the regional level
  10. Co-authors: Какатунова Т.В.
  11. Multistep alternatives search in an information catalogue
  12. Co-authors: I.A. Egereva
  13. Intelligent decision support system to manage complex objects using dynamic fuzzy cognitive maps
  14. Co-authors: Dli M.I., Какатунова Т.В., Багузова О.В.
  15. Architecture of intelligent information support system for innovations in science and education
  16. Co-authors: A.N. Sotnikov, Ivanov V.K.
  17. Automated system of testing software in compiled form
  18. Co-authors: Semenov N.A., Burdo G.B., Melnikova V.V.
  19. Intellectual systems using for effective management of synthesis of gypsum composites of condensation curing based on natural and technogenic raw materials
  20. Co-authors: Petropavlovskaya V.B.
  21. Electromechanical systems diagnosis based on neural network technologies
  22. Co-authors: Bogatikov V.N., Sprekher D.M.
  23. Architecture of an intelligent optimal control system for multi-stage processes evolution in a fuzzy dynamic environment
  24. Co-authors: Vetrov A.N., I.A. Egereva
  25. Inflight spacecraft safety performance and generating information to prevent high-speed interaction
  26. Co-authors: A.N. Katulev, S.V. Yagolnikov, A.A. Khramichev, I.I. Zykov
  27. Software tools of a wavelet/fractal correlation method for detecting space debris objects
  28. Co-authors: I.I. Zykov
  29. Implementing an expert system to evaluate technical solutions innovativeness
  30. Co-authors: Ivanov V.K., Obraztsov I.V.
  31. A software platform demonstrator for joint use of evidence theory algorithms and neural networks in fuzzy systems
  32. Co-authors: Ivanov V.K.
  33. A software platform demonstrator for configuring ANFIS neural network hyperparameters in fuzzy systems
  34. Co-authors: Ivanov V.K.