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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Semenov N.A.

Ph.D (
Tver State Technical University
Author in:
  1. Computer processing of images in papillary diagnosis of diabetes meliitus
  2. Co-authors: Dmitriev G.A., Азази А.А.
  3. Systems technological processes control in multiproduct manufactures
  4. Co-authors: Burdo G.B., Isaev A.A.
  5. To creation of inventing system based on a systemology
  6. Co-authors: Дорохов И.Н., Butenko L.N., Цыканова М.А.
  7. Model of the automated quality management system in multiproduct machinery production
  8. Co-authors: Burdo G.B., Sorokin A.Yu.
  9. Intelligent procedures of technological processes design in integrated cad-cam systems
  10. Co-authors: Burdo G.B., Isaev A.A.
  11. Automated system of testing software in compiled form
  12. Co-authors: Palyukh B.V., Burdo G.B., Melnikova V.V.
  13. Human-intelligent software systems of creative problem solving intelligent support
  14. Co-authors: Kuznetsov V.N., Klyushin A.Yu., Mutovkina N.Yu.
  15. Software of information technology for solving conflict situations in multi-agent environment
  16. Co-authors: Klyushin A.Yu., Mutovkina N.Yu.
  17. Decision assessment principles in the automated system of engineering product quality control
  18. Co-authors: Vinogradov G.P., Burdo G.B., Sorokin A.Yu.
  19. Aspect-oriented programming as an approach to improve the efficiency of IT projects economic performance
  20. Co-authors: Goncharov А.А.
  21. Models of heterogeneous agents’ behavior in a conflict and their implementation algorithms
  22. Co-authors: Klyushin A.Yu., Mutovkina N.Yu.
  23. Intelligent decision support in process scheduling in diversified engineering
  24. Co-authors: Burdo G.B.
  25. A software system for identification of a harmonization degree of creative decisions of intellectual agents
  26. Co-authors: Kuznetsov V.N., Klyushin A.Yu., Mutovkina N.Yu.
  27. A model of modification of intelligent agents types in the AnyLogic system dynamics methodology
  28. Co-authors: Mutovkina N.Yu.
  29. Improving logical inference speed of production expert systems using aspect-oriented approach
  30. Co-authors: Goncharov А.А.
  31. Basic principles of creating design and control automation systems in engineering production systems
  32. Co-authors: Burdo G.B.
  33. Determination of weight coefficients for additive fitness function of genetic algorithm
  34. Co-authors: Ivanov V.K., D.S. Dumina
  35. Approaches to creating ontologies for automated systems in machine-building industries
  36. Co-authors: Burdo G.B., N.V. Vorontsov
  37. Intelligent decision support in expert systems in the diagnosis of oral cavity diseases
  38. Co-authors: Burdo G.B., Lebedev S.N., Lebedeva Yu.V.