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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Dli M.I.

Ph.D (
(Smolensk Branch of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute
Author in:
  1. Scalar function algorithm minimization of many variables with interval limitation on variables
  2. Co-authors: Бояринов Ю.Г.
  3. Range possible value probability stay estimation in the given condition of markov’s productive and economic model
  4. Co-authors: Круглов В.В., Бояринов Ю.Г.
  5. Building method of fuzzy semi-markov model of complex system functioning
  6. Co-authors: Borisov V.V., Бояринов Ю.Г., Мищенко В.И.
  7. System of support of decision-making on management of information resources
  8. Co-authors: Абраменкова И.В., Stoyanova O.V., Зайцев О.В.
  9. Management of intellectual resources of projects in the field of nanotechnology
  10. Co-authors: Stoyanova O.V., Васицына А.И.
  11. Approaches to analyzing the accuracy of multiagent models of dynamic systems
  12. Co-authors: Gimarov V.V., Ivanova I.V.
  13. Intelligent decision support system to manage complex objects using dynamic fuzzy cognitive maps
  14. Co-authors: Palyukh B.V., Какатунова Т.В., Багузова О.В.
  15. Development of agent behavioral adaptive models for multi-agent system of telecommunication enterprise management
  16. Co-authors: Гимаров В.А., Gimarov V.V., Ivanova I.V.
  17. Intelligent expert method for determine the optimal route of product transportation
  18. Co-authors: Gimarov V.V., Ivanova I.V., Глушко С.И.
  19. Creating a telecommunications market multiagent model
  20. Co-authors: Gimarov V.V., Ivanova I.V.
  21. Information-analytical system for complex manufacturing machine-building projects management under uncertainty
  22. Co-authors: Stoyanova O.V.
  23. Complex industrial projects data representation models in automated information systems of industrial institutions
  24. Co-authors: Stoyanova O.V., Belozersky А.Yu.
  25. Interval differential equations in kalman fuzzy filter structure in complex technological object management
  26. Co-authors: A.Yu. Puchkov
  27. Predicting an object state based on applying the Kalman filter and deep neural networks
  28. Co-authors: A.Yu. Puchkov , E.I. Lobaneva , M.A. Vasilkova
  29. Features of using neural network models to classify short text messages
  30. Co-authors: O.V. Bulygina