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Publication date:
16 September 2024

Dopira R.V.

Ph.D (
Professor, Head of Department
Author in:
  1. Application of simulation neuron network for the analysis of preemergencies on the chisel
  2. Co-authors: Abu-Abed, F.N.
  3. Organization of adaptive computing systems streaming data processing
  4. Co-authors: Курчидис В.А., S.V. Ignatev, Погребной С.В., Круталевич А.Г.
  5. Data support method for structural-complicated projects implementation
  6. Co-authors: Kordyukov R.Yu., Лобузько А.В., Begletsov A.A., Talalaev A.B.
  7. A redundancy-based functional reliability method for automation facilities sets
  8. Co-authors: Begletsov A.A., V.L. Lyaskovsky , Кабардинский А.Ю., Догадов А.А.
  9. An indicator of engineering-economic analisys and the choice of ground-based radar alternate design
  10. Co-authors: Смолкин М.А., Berdyshev V.P., Копылов В.А.
  11. Tactical chracteristics of weapons and military equipment samples life cycle costing
  12. Co-authors: Arepin Yu.I., Зосиев В.В.
  13. Complex engineering systems development management
  14. Co-authors: Kordyukov R.Yu., Begletsov A.A., Platonov A.Yu., Sergienko S.V.
  15. Network planning method for developing complex engineering systems
  16. Co-authors: Kordyukov R.Yu., Begletsov A.A., Sergienko S.V.
  17. A model and algorithmization of the assignment problem under additional constraints
  18. Co-authors: Martynov D.V., Abu-Abed, F.N., Kordyukov R.Yu., Ivanova A.V.
  19. The directions of implementation of automated system means for electronic systems development
  20. Co-authors: Martynov D.V., Abu-Abed, F.N., Potapov A.N., V.A. Dikarev
  21. Unified description of information radioelectronic system functioning to estimate training aids software
  22. Co-authors: Abu-Abed, F.N., Potapov A.N., I.N. Ishchuk, E.Yu. Brezhnev
  23. Method of managing order projects package at a defence contractor
  24. Co-authors: V.Yu. Semenov, D.V. Yagolnikov
  25. The software of the automated training control system for operators of ergotechnical radio-electronic means
  26. Co-authors: Potapov A.N., V.A. Dikarev, V.S. Pakhomov
  27. Algorithmic software of software maintenance complex controlling the reliability level of flight facilities
  28. Co-authors: Potapov A.N., V.A. Dikarev, E.E. Bueshev, I.A. Yuriev
  29. A methodical approach to modeling of complex technical system support with spare parts
  30. Co-authors: D.Yu. Brezhnev, A.A. Sudarikov
  31. The methodology and algorithms of aerial object classification by the decision support system under intense information influence
  32. Co-authors: Potapov A.N., V.Yu. Semenov, A.V. Getmanchuk, M.V. Semin
  33. Efficiency evaluation of methodical and algorithmic support of a special purpose decision support system
  34. Co-authors: Potapov A.N., D.Yu. Brezhnev, A.V. Getmanchuk, M.V. Semin
  35. A method of identifying technical condition radio engineering means using artificial neural network technologies
  36. Co-authors: D.V. Yagolnikov, A.A. Shvedun , I.E. Yanochkin