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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Burdo G.B.

Ph.D (
Tver State Technical University
Author in:
  1. Simulation software for modeling dimensional structure of technological processes
  2. Co-authors: Palyukh B.V., Рогозин Г.И.
  3. Intelligence software of technological processes design
  4. Intelligence plan and management of production systems in geophysical manufacture
  5. Systems technological processes control in multiproduct manufactures
  6. Co-authors: Semenov N.A., Isaev A.A.
  7. Model of the automated quality management system in multiproduct machinery production
  8. Co-authors: Semenov N.A., Sorokin A.Yu.
  9. Intelligent procedures of technological processes design in integrated cad-cam systems
  10. Co-authors: Semenov N.A., Isaev A.A.
  11. Automated system of testing software in compiled form
  12. Co-authors: Palyukh B.V., Semenov N.A., Melnikova V.V.
  13. Automated control system for science-based mechanical engineering product development
  14. Co-authors: Stoyanova O.V.
  15. Decision-making in high-tech products production systems
  16. Co-authors: Vinogradov G.P., Isaev A.A.
  17. Algorithms and models for maintenance process automated control systems
  18. Co-authors: Fedotova А.V.
  19. Decision assessment principles in the automated system of engineering product quality control
  20. Co-authors: Vinogradov G.P., Semenov N.A., Sorokin A.Yu.
  21. Intelligent decision support in process scheduling in diversified engineering
  22. Co-authors: Semenov N.A.
  23. Basic principles of creating design and control automation systems in engineering production systems
  24. Co-authors: Semenov N.A.
  25. Approaches to creating ontologies for automated systems in machine-building industries
  26. Co-authors: Semenov N.A., N.V. Vorontsov
  27. Intelligent decision support in expert systems in the diagnosis of oral cavity diseases
  28. Co-authors: Semenov N.A., Lebedev S.N., Lebedeva Yu.V.