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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Kordyukov R.Yu.

Ph.D (
Main Department of scientific and research activities and technological support of the advanced technologies of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation
Author in:
  1. Program realization of procedure of Richards for synthesis of non-uniform lines
  2. Co-authors: Аверкин В.Н., Berdyshev R.V., Куликов А.В.
  3. Mathematical modeling of radio transparent covering as multilayered dielectric media
  4. Co-authors: Аверкин В.Н., Berdyshev R.V., Куликов А.В.
  5. Data support method for structural-complicated projects implementation
  6. Co-authors: Dopira R.V., Лобузько А.В., Begletsov A.A., Talalaev A.B.
  7. Automatic means of operating system of communications-electronics equipment current maintenance
  8. Co-authors: S.V. Ignatev, V.B. Tikhonov, Смолкин М.А.
  9. Algorithms for synthesis of band-blocking filters on smooth inhomogeneous lines for CAD microwave devices
  10. Co-authors: Berdyshev R.V., Berdyshev V.P., Pomazuev O.N., Khripun S.I.
  11. Complex engineering systems development management
  12. Co-authors: Dopira R.V., Begletsov A.A., Platonov A.Yu., Sergienko S.V.
  13. Network planning method for developing complex engineering systems
  14. Co-authors: Dopira R.V., Begletsov A.A., Sergienko S.V.
  15. The algorithm for determination of group air objects resolution probability by radars in an airfield
  16. Co-authors: Berdyshev V.P., Pomazuev O.N., Mironov A.M., Stuchilin A.I.
  17. Simulation model for repair and diagnostic complex benchmark evaluation
  18. Co-authors: Martynov D.V., Abu-Abed, F.N., Sergienko S.V.
  19. Objective methods of simulation modeling adequacy probabilistic assessment in information systems of ergatic radioelectronic facilities acquisition
  20. Co-authors: Martynov D.V., Abu-Abed, F.N., Potapov A.N.
  21. A model and algorithmization of the assignment problem under additional constraints
  22. Co-authors: Martynov D.V., Dopira R.V., Abu-Abed, F.N., Ivanova A.V.