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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Gordienko M.G.

Ph.D (
Leading Researcher
International Science and Education Centre for Transfer of Biopharmaceutical Technologies D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russian Federation
Author in:
  1. Program complex to modeling of fluidized bed coating process
  2. Co-authors: Menshutina N.V., Маковская Ю.В., Голомидов Е.С.
  3. Modeling of vacuum freeze-drying
  4. Co-authors: Menshutina N.V., Диденко А.А., Ершова А.Н.
  5. Data analysis and processing to predict patients’ health status
  6. Co-authors: Menshutina N.V., Ivanov S.I., Matasov A.V.
  7. A software suite for simulating drugs dissolution kinetics
  8. Co-authors: Menshutina N.V., Ivanov S.I., Matasov A.V., Tiptsova I.A., Sinitsa E.A.
  9. A mathematical model of vacuum freeze-dryer with uneven vapor distribution over the chamber volume
  10. Co-authors: Mokhova E.K.