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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Fedorischev L.A.

Ph.D (
Institute of Automation and Control Processes Far Eastern Branch of RAS
Author in:
  1. Multitexturing with shaders
  2. Software package for cloud virtual environments development
  3. Co-authors: Gribova, V.V.
  4. Technology of interaction of IACPaaS cloud platform services with external software
  5. Co-authors: V.A. Timchenko, Gribova, V.V., F.M. Moskalenko
  6. IACPaaS cloud platform for the development of intelligent service shells: current state and future evolution
  7. Co-authors: A.S. Kleschev, V.A. Timchenko, Gribova, V.V., F.M. Moskalenko, E.A. Shalfeeva