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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Potapov A.N.

Ph.D (
Military scholastic-scientific centre of the Air forces "Air forces academy named by prof. N.E. Zhukovsky and Yu.A. Gagarin"
Author in:
  1. Objective methods of simulation modeling adequacy probabilistic assessment in information systems of ergatic radioelectronic facilities acquisition
  2. Co-authors: Martynov D.V., Abu-Abed, F.N., Kordyukov R.Yu.
  3. Implementation of subjective methods of simulator adequacy probabilistic assessment based on a software system involving experts and questioning trainees
  4. Co-authors: Martynov D.V., Abu-Abed, F.N., Uglovsky E.P.
  5. A software suite to analyze cause-effect factors of a conflict of ergotechnical radio-electronic equipment simulators
  6. Co-authors: Martynov D.V., Abu-Abed, F.N., Talalaev A.B.
  7. The directions of implementation of automated system means for electronic systems development
  8. Co-authors: Martynov D.V., Dopira R.V., Abu-Abed, F.N., V.A. Dikarev
  9. Unified description of information radioelectronic system functioning to estimate training aids software
  10. Co-authors: Dopira R.V., Abu-Abed, F.N., I.N. Ishchuk, E.Yu. Brezhnev
  11. The software of the automated training control system for operators of ergotechnical radio-electronic means
  12. Co-authors: Dopira R.V., V.A. Dikarev, V.S. Pakhomov
  13. Algorithmic software of software maintenance complex controlling the reliability level of flight facilities
  14. Co-authors: Dopira R.V., V.A. Dikarev, E.E. Bueshev, I.A. Yuriev
  15. The methodology and algorithms of aerial object classification by the decision support system under intense information influence
  16. Co-authors: Dopira R.V., V.Yu. Semenov, A.V. Getmanchuk, M.V. Semin
  17. Efficiency evaluation of methodical and algorithmic support of a special purpose decision support system
  18. Co-authors: Dopira R.V., D.Yu. Brezhnev, A.V. Getmanchuk, M.V. Semin