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17 March 2024

The official website of the international journal “Programmnye produkty i sistemy” (Software & Systems) is developed maintained by the “Web-based technologies and marketing” department of the Research Institute “Centerprogramsystem”.

Developing, programming, technical support: Dmitriy Bogdanov (lead programmer)

Website design: Konstantin Orekhov

HTML-layout: Oksana Melnik

Search optimization, programming: Ilya Popov

Problem statement, management and a concept: Igor Konykhov, Denis Shapel

Cover design for printed journal (since 2002): Svetlana Maksimova

Translation (Russian-English): Alexandra Kolerova


Website updates:

New issues web publishing: Svetlana Maksimova

“IT news” web publishing: Tatyana Kharlampieva


All comments and suggestions are welcomed: info@cps.tver.ru

Phone: (4822) 399-182 - (Igor Konykhov)