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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Keyword: graph

  1. Authors: Коганов А.В., Сазонов А.Н.

  2. Process of building subject area on the bases of analysis of conceptual diagram
  3. Authors: Извозчикова В.В., Матвейкин И.В.

  4. Software package for estimation of computational complexity of graph algorithms
  5. Authors: Кохов В.А., Ткаченко С.В.

  6. Representation of graphs and undirected hypergraphs with constraints in a relational database
  7. Authors: Мокрозуб В.Г., Немтинов В.А., Лагутин Д.А.

  8. Navigation algorithms at the outer surface of international space station model
  9. Authors: Мальцев А.В., Михайлюк М.В.

  10. Workflow with flexible transitions of stellar type
  11. Authors: Вышенский С.В., Дубенская Ю.Ю.

  12. Implementation method for interactive monitoring systems based on flexible workflows
  13. Authors: Вышенский С.В., Дубенская Ю.Ю., Григорьев П.В.

  14. Approximate valuation of potentially dangerous objects security. Object security structural parameters
  15. Authors: Боровский А.С., Тарасов А.Д.

  16. A spatio-temporal model of a material and technical resources traffic network of a radio-electronic facilities group exploitation
  17. Authors: Игнатьев С.В., Тихонов В.Б., Красников А.В., Осипов А.А.

  18. A nested model of radio-electronic systems for estimation of temporary reliability
  19. Authors: Игнатьев С.В., Красников А.В., Плакса Ю.А., Дрожжин А.В.

  20. Implementation of a fuzzy model of interaction between objects in complex technical systems based on graphs
  21. Authors: Мунтян Е.Р.

  22. The intelligent approach to automation of technological and production processes
  23. Authors: Рябов С.Ю., Рябов Ю.В.