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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Ivaschenko A.V.

Ph.D (
Samara State Aerospace University
Author in:
  1. Information space analysis using interval-correlation functions
  2. Multi-agent system of manufacturing execution management in heavy engineering industry
  3. Co-authors: Andreev M.V., Скобелев П.О., Кривенок С.А.
  4. Samara school of professor S.A. Prokhorov on application analysis of random processes
  5. Co-authors: Kulikovskikh I.M.
  6. Management of enterprise personnel interaction in multiactor integrated information environment
  7. Endovascular surgery simulation training software
  8. Co-authors: Kolsanov A.V., Яремин Б.И., Воронин А.С., Черепанов А.С., Сапцин Н.В.
  9. Laparoscopic surgery simulation training software
  10. Co-authors: A.V. Kuzmin , Kolsanov A.V., Чаплыгин С.С., Gorbachenko N.A., Милюткин М.Г.
  11. A mediator pattern for sensor networks software
  12. Co-authors: Minaev A.A., Spodobaev M.Yu.
  13. A software platform for 6PL provider
  14. Co-authors: Andreev M.V.
  15. Open software architecture for surgery training suites
  16. Co-authors: Kolsanov A.V., Gorbachenko N.A.
  17. Multi-agent approximation of social media users’ behavior
  18. Co-authors: A.A. Khorina, A.R. Diyazitdinova
  19. The open cube concept for analysing social media big data
  20. Co-authors: N.M. Shlychkova, V.A. Isayko, P.V. Sitniko
  21. Development of a service industry software infrastructure in digital economy
  22. Co-authors: S.A. Korchivoy
  23. Accented visualization in AR user interfaces
  24. Co-authors: P.V. Sitniko, G.V. Katirkin, O.L. Surnin