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Publication date:
16 June 2024

Ulyanov, S.V.

Ph.D (ulyanovsv46_46@mail.ru)
Dubna State University – Institute of System Analysis and Control, Dubna, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research – Laboratory of Information Technology
Author in:
  1. Fuzzy inference architecture for soft computing optimizer of knowledge bases
  2. Co-authors: Сорокин С.В., Nefedov N.Yu., A.G. Reshetnikov
  3. Intelligent control of a robot manipulator based on soft computing
  4. Co-authors: Nikolaeva A.V.
  5. Soft computing technologies in intelligent control
  6. Co-authors: A.G. Reshetnikov, Керимов Т.А., Barkhatova I.A.
  7. Robust intelligent control based on quantum computing technology
  8. Co-authors: A.G. Reshetnikov, Керимов Т.А.
  9. Intelligent robust control of a robot manipulator based on quantum soft computing
  10. Co-authors: Nikolaeva A.V.
  11. Intelligent control system of a 7 degrees of freedom robot-manipulator based on soft computing
  12. Co-authors: Nikolaeva A.V., Barkhatova I.A., Nozdrachev A.V.
  13. Quantum computing in intelligent robust control system design for 7 degrees of freedom redundant robot-manipulator
  14. Co-authors: Nikolaeva A.V., Barkhatova I.A.
  15. Fuzzy sliding mode control system of unstable dynamic system cart-pole based on soft computing
  16. Co-authors: Nefedov N.Yu.
  17. Нybrid cognitive fuzzy control systems for an autonomous robot based on neurointerface and soft computing
  18. Co-authors: A.G. Reshetnikov, A.A. Mamaeva
  19. Development of a pattern recognition system for a mobile robot
  20. Co-authors: A.G. Reshetnikov, K.V. Koshelev
  21. Synergetics of information-cognitive interaction in intelligent robotic systems with remote knowledge exchange
  22. Co-authors: A.G. Reshetnikov
  23. The quantum genetic algorithm in the problems of intelligent control modeling and supercomputing
  24. Co-authors: N.V. Ryabov
  25. Thermodynamic constraints and information conditions of intelligent cognitive control stability, controllability, and robustness
  26. Co-authors: Tyatyushkina O.Yu. , Shevchenko A.A., Shevchenko A.V.
  27. Evaluating the capabilities of classical computers in implementing quantum algorithm simulators
  28. Co-authors: N.V. Ryabov, Zrelov P.V., Ivantsova O.V., Korenkov V.V.
  29. Cognitive regulators: soft computing technologies and the information-thermodynamic law of intelligent control self-organization
  30. Co-authors: Shevchenko A.A., Shevchenko A.V., Zrelova D.P.
  31. Industrial robotic intelligent robust control system:  applying quantum soft computing technologies  and quantum software engineering  in unpredicted control situations
  32. Co-authors: A.G. Reshetnikov, Zrelova D.P.
  33. Fast quantum search algorithm modelling on conventional computers: Information analysis of the halting problem
  34. Co-authors: Ulyanov, V.S.