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Publication date:
13 September 2024

Yanyushkin V.V.

Ph.D (
Deputy General Manager
The Center for Space Simulator Development and Personnel Training
Author in:
  1. Distributed allocated information space and portal of modern simulator
  2. Distributed system clusters of simulator as fractals aggregation proble
  3. Intellectual systems and algorithms of objects management in simulators
  4. Co-authors: Захаров В.Л.
  5. Designing new generation of complex simulators
  6. Co-authors: Shukshunov V.E.
  7. Basics of development and creation of integrated educational and training complexes for equipping dynamic objects management training centers
  8. Co-authors: Shukshunov V.E.
  9. Building common information space for simulators and training complexes Using SOTA distributed network simulation environment
  10. Co-authors: Теренько Г.А.
  11. Using virtualization technologies of computing and graphics servers when designing complex simulators and operator training systems
  12. Standard structure and modules of youth educational space center
  13. Co-authors: Shukshunov V.E., Гапонов В.Е.
  14. Conceptual framework for development of the next-generation educational training and simulation complex (etsc)
  15. Co-authors: Shukshunov V.E.
  16. The analysis of an IT infrastructure of the astronaut training open automation system to create an integrated simulation complex
  17. Co-authors: Kovrigin S.N.
  18. Ergonomic testing of a manned transport spacecraft for crew interface design and training
  19. Co-authors: Serov M.V., Kukin O.N., Radchenko V.M., Kharagozyan R.K.