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16 March 2021

The International Editorial Board / Nikolov, Roumen Vassilev

Born September 24, 1955


September 1969 - June 1973 – High school diploma, Mathematics (National Math School, Sofia)

October 1975 - July 1980 – MSc, Computer Science and Mathematics (Sofia University)

June 1981 - June 1984 – PhD, Computer Science and Mathematics, Computers in Education (Sofia University)

September 1995 - September 1996 – Certificate, All aspects related to implementation of distance education programs at higher education level (European Association of Distance Teaching Universities, Phare Multi-country project on Distance Education)

November 1993 - March 1994 – Visiting Fellow, EC COST Programme. Principal subjects/occupational skills Educational and Training Systems Design, Educational Instrumentation (University of Twente, the Netherlands)

August 1992 - March 1993 – Visiting Fellow, British Council Grant. Artificial Intelligence (University of Edinburgh, UK)

June 1992 - November 1993 – 8 Certificates on Higher Education (Consortium of Higher Education Researchers (CHER))


April 2010 – onwards – Research Program Manager, Scientific Research Department, Sofia University

April 2010 – onwards – Full Professor, Chair of Department of Computer Science, University of Library Studies and Information Technology

April, 2008 onwards – Project Coordinator, FP7-REGPOT-2007-1 SISTER: Strengthening the ICT Research Capacity of Sofia University

January 2005 – onwards – National Coordinator, Bulgarian Network of Research Mobility Centers, EURAXESS

January 2004 – January 2007 – Member of the Executive Committee

May 1999 – April 2010 – Director of Centre of IST (CIST), Sofia University

June 2003 – June 2007 – Vice Dean, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics (FMI), Sofia University

June 2007 – April 2010 – Chair, Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University

June 1995 – June 2003 – Chair, Department of Information Technologies, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University

June 2001 – July 2001 – Visiting Lecturer, Bruce Street Visiting Scholar Program, University of North Texas

April 2001 – April 2005 – Vice-Chair of Management Board of Association Telecommunications (ASTEL), Bulgaria

February 2006 – Guest Lecturer, University of Zaragoza, Spain

June 1986 – July 1990 – Deputy Director, Research Centre of Educational Informatics, UNDP/Unesco/BUL/86/003 Project

June 1986 – July 1990 – Head of ICT in Education Sector, Research Group in Education

September 1987 – September 1989 – Expert in ICT in Education, Ministry of Education and Science


May 2010 – onwards – Member of the Expert Group “Bulgaria 2020”

November 2009 – onwards – Member of the Advisory Council in ICT

June 2009 – onwards – Member of the Management Board of Knowledge4Innovation and Member of the K4I (Lisbon) Forum at the European Parliament

October 2008 – onwards – Member of the Management Board of Informatics Europe

February 2008 – onwards – Member of the EC ETP NESSI Member State Committee, MSC enabler for Bulgaria

June 2003 – onwards – Member of the Management Board, National Academic Network

May 2003 – onwards – Member of the Nomination Committee for Young Researcher, Award of the President of Bulgaria

June 2001 – onwards – Research Evaluation Expert, Commission on Information Society

June 2001 – onwards – Expert, Evaluator, Chair of Accreditation Commission (2 times).

August 1999 – onwards – EC projects evaluator

October 1996 – onwards – Member of the Technical Committee 3 (Education) of the International Federation of Information

September 2007 – June 2009 – Member of the Inter-governmental Working Group on Integrated Spatial Data Basis

June 2005 – June 2009 – Member of the Steering Committee, EU Phare Programme BG 2005/017-353.10.06 “Support to the Implementation of the Bulgarian National Innovation Strategy”

June 2005 – November 2006 – Consultant, National Training Foundation, Russia, ELSP/A2/C/012 Project

1999 – 2003 – National Contact Person, FP5 IST Programme

June 1990 – July 1992 – Consultant in Syria (2 times) and Egypt


• ESF BG051PO001-3.3.04-0013 Project: Support of the scientific development of doctoral students, post-docs and young researchers in the area of computer science;

• NSF CVP01/0116 CENSCIT: Centre of Excellence in Nano-Science in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and ICT at Sofia University, 1.4 Mio €

• NSF IRC-CoSim: Integrated Research Centre on Computational Sciences in the Microworld

• NSF RNF_09_0077 Project: Building a University Laboratory Complex on Renewable Energy

Technologies in Bulgaria, 0.65 Mio €

• NSF DVU01/0172 Project “Smart Book”

• FP7 TARGET-EEU: Transformative, Adaptive, Responsive and enGaging EnvironmenT

• FP7-REGPOT SISTER:Strengthening the IST Research Capacity of Sofia University, 1.1 Mio €

• FP7 People NCPs: Trans-national cooperation among NCPs for Marie-Curie Actions;

• FP7 E*CARE: Transnational Collaboration among ERA-MORE Members;

• FP7 EuroRIs-Net: European Research Infrastructure Network of National Contact Points

• FP7 I-SEEMob, Inter-sectoral mobility of researchers in South-Eastern Europe

• FP7 REGGAE: Researchers as Guides to Glory of Ancient Europe

• VirtSOI Living Lab “Virtual Services and Open Innovation”, EC ENoLL

• eContentPlus “Share.TEC: SHAring digital REsources in the Teaching Education Community”

• FP6 IP TENCompetence “Building European Network for Lifelong Competence Development”

• FP6 PRIME “Providing Real Integration for Inter-Disciplinary Environments”,

• FP6 UNITE “Unified e-learning environment for the school”

• FP6 NoE (>80 partners) KALEIDOSCOPE “Concepts and methods for exploring the future of

learning with digital technologies”

• FP6 SSA - 019363 REKS: Researchers in European Knowledge Society

• FP6 Human Resources and Mobility project U*NIGHT: Universities by Night

• FP6 GUIDE “Creating an European Identity Management Architecture for eGovernment”

• FP6 BulRMCNet “Bulgarian Network of Research Mobility Centres”

• FP6 E4: Extended Enterprise management in Enlarged Europe,

• FP6 IP ECOSPACE “Integrated project on eProfessional Collaboration Space

• FP6- COMIST: AMI@Work Communities stimulating the participation of NMS and ACC

organisations in eWork and eBusiness related IST activities;

• FP6 ATVN-EU-GP: Academic Internet Television Showcases the Best of Good Practice

• FP5 MECITV: Media Collaboration for Interactive TV

• FP5 DIOGENE: A Training Web Broker for ICT Professionals

• FP5 GEM-Europe: Global Education in Manufacturing

• FP5, Innovation and SMEs Thematic Networks, BIGEAR NET Thematic Network on Stimulation

of Business Innovation and Growth from Exploitation of Academic Research"

• FP5 Innovation and SMEs IPS-2001-41103 Project PROMOTOR+: Collaborative Validation

and Transfer of Regional Support Measures for Start-ups and Growth in Five NACs Regions

• FP5 IPS-2000-056 Project EIM – CEE: Euro Innovation Manager – Central and Eastern Europe

• FP5 eLiving: Life in a Digital Europe

• FP5 EUNITE: EUropean Network on Intelligent TEchnologies for Smart Adaptive Systems

• FP5 EXPERT: Best Practice on E-project Development Methods

• FP5 PROTELEUSES: Best Practice Pilot for the Promotion and Implementation of Teleworking

Tools at European SMEs of the Service Sector

• FP5 IWOP: Best Practice Pilot for the implementation of Integrated Internet Based Remote

Working Places for Virtual Teams developing their work at SMEs

• FP5 TOSCA: A Picture of Social Observation of Call Centre

• FP5 INNOCONS: Increasing Awareness on Innovation In The European Construction Sector

• FP5 AFORO: Agro-Food Roadmaps. A vision and work plan to implement future RTD trends

for the transformation of agri-food industries into digital companies

• FP5 COCONET: Context Aware Collabor.Environments for Next Generation Bus. Networks

• Leonardo TRAINMORE-KNOWMORE:Organis. Knowl. Mang. for EU Organisations and SMEs

• Socrates Erasmus TN-DEC: European Thematic Network for Doctoral Education in Computing

• INCO-Copernicus Mall2000: Mall for Online Business beyond the Year 2000

• INCO-Copernicus ILPnet2: Inductive Logic Programming Network of Excellence

• INCO-Copernicus LarFlast: Learning Foreign Language Scientific Terminology

• INCO-Copernicus INTELLECT: Intell. Learning Environment for Course Telematics

• World Bank “Improving the Quality of Educ. by Integr. of Intellectual and Inform.Resources”

• World Bank “Virtual Department on Computing “John Atanasoff”


• 2009: Award of the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth for a best quality project in Life Long Learning (team award);

• 2007: Award of the State Agency of Information Technology and Communications for a contribution to development of the Information Society in Bulgaria

• 2005: Award of the Minister of Education and Science for managing a successful research team in FP5

• 2002: Bruce Street Visiting Scholar Award, University of North Texas


• Member of the EC ETP NESSI Member State Committee, MSC enabler for Bulgaria

• Member of Management Board, Knowledge4Innovation, Brussels

• Member of Management Board, Informatics Europe, Zurich

• Member of the Technical Committee 3 of the International Federation of Information Processing

• Member of the Research Committee, EC FP6 IP TENCompetence (2005-2009)

• Member of the Executive Committee, EC FP6 NoE Kaleidoscope (2004-2007)

• Member, Advisory Council, Ministry of Transport, Communications and IT, Bulgaria

• Member of the Project Evaluation Committee “Information Society”, Ministry of Educ & Science

• Member of the Commission for Nominations of Young ICT Researcher for the Award “John

Atanasov” of the President of Republic of Bulgaria

• Member of the Steering Board, Phare Project “Support of Development of National Strategy for Innovation in Bulgaria, Agency of SMEs, Ministry of Economy and Energy

• Member of the Management Board, National Research Network (part of GÉANT)

• Member of the Management Board of the Union of Automation and Informatics

• Member of the Management Board, Research and Development Department (NIS), Sofia University

• Member of the Editorial Board, Informatica, An International Journal of Computing and Informatics, ISSN 0350-5596

• Member of the Editorial Board, Automatics and Informatics, International Journal…download…CV-Roumen-Nikolov-2010-FP7.pdf


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